Liu2 bei4 “swinging like change clothes” mystery: often called lady naked than jade

zhaoyun heard that Mrs. Gump beatles barefoot along a group of people, fierce whip mounts, quickly run at south. Mrs Gump among people hear, suddenly look back, a look is zhaoyun catching up, it burst into tears.

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(161 ~ 161), the word xuande, zhu county (now hebei), much of the eastern han dynasty imperial family, three kingdoms of shu han founder, “shu han zhao emperor. Lean, suppress the uprising, into the army after participation in the planning of the zhuge liang, united beat in chibi, jingzhou, the profit and hanzhong. Proclaimed himself in 221, its capital chengdu, the next year was defeated in the war of wu shu, soon died.

is liu bei zhu county chohsien, claiming to be order son jing wang zhongshan lead vocal, he repeatedly said so, people say, so history also said so, as for the true and false nobody knows. We are very familiar with liu bei’s prologue: & other; After the liu bei, sun yat-sen jing wang lead vocal. Throughout the &; Haven’t people ask who is he, the offspring of a carefully to liu bei’s move is laughable. At the same time can also see that liu bei has been for his humble origins and feeling the pinch.

liu2 bei4 less solitary, sell the shoe woven seats for a living with her mother. His dwelling house southeast corner of the fence with a five zhangs of mulberry, overlooking a like a hood, exchanges between people are the tree is particularly strange posture, some say here when the noble. Liu bei and other children in the game under the tree as a child, & other; I must take the feather remains cover car in the future. Throughout the &; Feather cover car is the emperor can ride, uncle Liu Zijing told liu bei said: & other; Such nonsense you are to destroy our family? ! Throughout the &; Liu2 bei4 don’t like to read books, love dog horse, music, fine clothes. His seven feet five inches tall and he lowered his hands over his knee, can see his ears back, not to like to talk, indeed invisible, good knot hao, village youth cling to him. Zhongshan big businessmen Zhang Shiping, Sue double may be & other; After the lead vocal of king zhongshan jing & throughout; Unusual words moved, feel liu bei, gave him a lot of gold and silver treasures, such Liu Beizhao bought a batch of Sagittarius, begin to implement the plan he took.

in The Three Kingdoms period is a glorious years of heroes, but liu bei special is a self-made man, not like cao cao and sun quan in forefathers to lay a solid foundation, the strength of the confidence is just a nihilistic ethereal & other Jing wang zhongshan lead vocal & throughout; . Liu bei is not a satyr, so very few historical records about his love life, but mencius said & other; Food, color, sex also. Throughout the &; Mean, appetite and sexual desire is human instinct, liu bei is not exceptional also, only on the erotic can see the other side of liu bei.

liu bei’s wife pei gann nationality in The Three Kingdoms period is one of the famous beauty. Liu2 bei4 arise in the yu state after small pei na kam to wife. Liu2 bei4 several office wife has died, she was taken as a office wife doesn’t. Attachment later followed liu bei to jingzhou liu table, gave birth to son dou shu after liu chan (later).

cao cao army in tangyan long e. catch up with liu bei, liu bei left his wife and children a man run. On protection of zhaoyun, all she survived. At the beginning of taoyuan sworn when zhang fei and guan yu are killed his own wife to follow liu bei, the famous & other; Friends such as brothers, the wife be like clothes & throughout; Is liu bei said. Visible in his eyes his wife is ready to take off at any time change of clothes shoes and the like, so this time behind Mrs Gump run a person accord with liu bei’s character.

she was born of humble family, young village will visit fortune-teller said: & other; The girl then you do not limit, when a GongYe extremely. Throughout the &; When she grow up physical is different from general woman. Eighteen she jade soft flesh, tai mei RongYe, liu bei she called white gauze account book, the outdoors, watching, kam like month condensation under the snow. Henan is ass-kissing liu bei sent liu bei a three feet of jade, liu2 bei4 put this jade Mrs Gump side, often called at night she stripped naked, compare to the jade person beside. The militarists he talk with the adviser during the day, night with sweet lady to play with the jade, oneself also often said: & other; Jade is expensive, than a gentleman. Besides stone for human form, and don’t can play? Throughout the &; Mrs Gump and jade white jade, saw the people can’t tell which one is which one she is jade. After Bi of grace not only envy in gansu, also envy the jade. She often want to destroy to jade, she said to liu bei, & other; Before ZiHan not jade as treasure, praise him in the spring and autumn. Wu wei is not destroyed, now how can plaything weary in well doing? And confused suspicious all her things, don’t get in. Throughout the &; Liu2 bei4 followed Mrs Gump, remove jade people no longer play, take Bi see no chance can take all back. Gentleman of thought at that time she was a lady sane.

after liu bei from tao qian’s hand over of xuzhou, with mi zhu, Chen for assistance. Yuan from the borders of yangzhou arise with liu bei for xuzhou. Sussing out first lyu3 bu4 July under the seat of xuzhou Pi, ShouJiang zhang fei drank the broth, liu bei’s family all fall in the city. Liu bei to straight defeat point collection scattered, after an attempt to lift. Mi zhu and Chen and found liu bei, mi zhu turned out to be a businessman, fortune is very rich. Mi zhu in straight to meet liu bei, liu bei asked about their own families, mi zhu said the next Pi town. Liu bei lost the city lost Mrs Gump, empty-handed, there with a sigh.

mi zhu, annual has and logistics’s sister, looks very beautiful. To comfort liu bei, he gave the younger sister to the liu bei, and will increase properly served as military information. Liu bei is very poor, as if the world fell off a pie, not only make the dangerous military complex mode, but also get a beautiful woman. He wrote a letter to lu bu, please get back dependents, mutually interpretation. Lyu3 bu4 just for xuzhou turf, with liu bei was nothing personal, going to have to do personal emotion, the family get back the liu bei, and mercy to all have no place to place the small levon liu bei stationed in xuzhou.

& have spent

henan is ass-kissing liu bei sent liu bei a three feet of jade, liu2 bei4 put this jade Mrs Gump side, often called at night she stripped naked, compare to the jade person beside. The militarists he talk with the adviser during the day, night with sweet lady to play with the jade, oneself also often said: & other; Jade is expensive, than a gentleman. Besides stone for human form, and don’t can play? Throughout the &; Mrs Gump and jade white jade, saw the people can’t tell which one is which one she is jade.

the dissatisfaction to discontent, lady or take off the uniform, drop the weapon. Liu2 bei4 look carefully at this moment, the lady a twinkle in her eyes, grow also very good, so nervous mood disappeared more than half. Lady bash elbows set purpose when really scary, but is also great ecstasy to tender. So the two people hand in hand into the drapery.

liu bei to live more than a month in a row, this just from wake up thinking of jingzhou men had sex. He said to the sun quan cao cao Dan jingzhou can’t go back, sun quan to say not to put, besides Liu Beizao tart to coax a rash, in addition, he also want to let liu bei as a buffer between the cao and soochow in jingzhou. After liu bei with lady back to jingzhou, see sun quan zhou yu from jiangling, asked why put sun quan liu bei back, sun quan, guard against cao cao. Zhou yu had to helplessly sigh. He gave sun quan, analyzed the situation, sun quan is also very regret, really & other; Lost a lady and fold soldier & throughout; .

don’t want to return it after the profit jingzhou liu bei, sun quan, while Liu Beixi levy to sichuan, quietly to write to my sister that tart was seriously ill, want the lady and dou cheat to soochow, then switch back to jingzhou dou. Seems to be back and forth so a ruse. Lady sun do not know the cause, in a hurry with dou boarding back to wu, ZhuGeLiangPa Zhao Yunle soldiers break to retain the dou jiang, only one of lady back to soochow. Lady to soochow after know tart no disease. From then on, the lady left dongwu, forced or voluntary is unknown, but never met with liu bei, their husband and wife life lasted about three years.

at the beginning of lady although there was a tenderness side, however, daily relying on his brother’s power not to liu bei, always say, not only about general three points are all afraid of her, liu2 bei4 also dare not breach Fei. And a lady from a batch of dongwu LiZu in quite wrong, who can’t, as if the enemy in the women, time must also be on your guard against the sword in the hand of the lady. Lady back in soochow, such as liu bei recall only those scary feeling, so don’t sent messengers to soochow to meet lady.

liu bei at last a lady oh is retention, Chen lost his parents when young, her father always with liu for what member hah, so the family with liu yan to enter quite. Liu yan YiZhi heart, he said oh will you listen to visit fortune-teller, and it wants to oh to wife, but suffer from oneself and oh’s father is a best friend who never turns his back upon us, and oh degress not quite, had to let his son liu decided to marry the oh. Liu decided oh widowhood after death. The city in the summer of 214, liu bei to obtain the profit, advised liu bei marry oh. Liu Beixin doubt yourself and liu decided kin on Confucianism. Law said: & other; If of personal relationship, you and liu decided to match the state relationship with the child take? Throughout the &; So liu bei decided, oh for Mrs. Oh, although widow remarriage, gorgeous oodles, liu bei to appreciate the open tender taste for a long time.

take twenty-four years, liu bei said king hanzhong city, the queen made Mrs Wu in hanzhong city. ZhangWu first summer in May, the queen made after wu liu bei proclaimed himself.

sun quan2 is difficult to recover the jingzhou, guan yu want to children in-laws, but guan yu not only refused to sun quan, also to & other; Tiger female how worthy son & throughout; Word to disdain sun quan. Sun quan, out of anger, lv meng attack jingzhou. Guan yu carelessness jingzhou flopped, that they were beheaded.

liu2 bei4 bent on revenge for second brother, regardless of the zhuge liang to discourage such as secretary, pour all the shu two hundred thousand troops attack dongwu wheaten cake joins camp seven hundred. Sun quan2 proposed & other; Return the jingzhou, Mrs Back & throughout; Conditions of peace, lady also attached Zagreb, narrative of husband and wife of love and the suffering of acacia, were eager to avenge liu2 bei4 rebuffed. Dongwu general tracing the cause maneuver wheaten cake joins camp fire to liu bei, liu bei and the remaining less than ten thousand soldiers fled back to the treasure. In the battle of yiling liu bei soochow after setting for wheaten cake joins camp, sun shangxiang heard rumors thought that liu bei was dead, she is in the river after reaction to liu bei jiang double suicide and died. Today embroider Lin town, north the Yangtze river south bank and a frowning, is said to be the lady was looking at the husband, the footprints of frowning stage still discernible.

the benefits of liu bei heard the bad news can not help but remind of lady, with the battle weakened… half built shu, so sick of his weak and weary through illness. A sixty-three – year – old liu2 bei4 self-knowledge, such as dou to zhuge liang died after five ministers. Fierce emperor liu chan acceded to the throne, Shi liu bei to han, autumn HuiLing lie in August.

bo wu died after eight years. At first she died and was buried in south county. ZhangWu two years after Shi for emperor, madam, move graveyard to another place in shu, coffin hasn’t arrived yet, liu bei has died in treasure. Zhuge liang of the table after liu chan after Shi sweet lady as zhao queen, with liu bei buried together.