Liu2 yong “chew old liu2 yong:” daughter chew old there is absolutely no wrong

liu2 yong’s life mass organizations na Lin has greatly. Jinling evening news reporter zhong-jie zhu taken

although not too much publicity in advance, but a famous chinese-american writer liu yong to forestry university and nanjing phoenix international book city yesterday, the two speech communication has had to use the roof to describe. Less than two hours of communication, liu2 yong & other; Encourage & throughout; Students skip class, saying that gnaw old no absolute wrong, give the readers a lot of new ideas. As a motivational philosopher in the minds of many, liu2 yong to nanjing last interaction with our readers, communicative intelligent life or 2003.

and again after ten years came to nanjing yong very excited, not only the scene demonstration back up the carnal prayer mat, more fierce kua nanjing: & other; I’m back, my mother-in-law is from nanjing, so I took his wife came also, she is from nanjing, nanjing girl you badly. Throughout the &;

talk about love

don’t complain about the life of each stage

both writers, painters, and self-help guru, actually in the heart of many readers, liu2 yong is a master of love. In the process of speech, from time to time can leave one or two from the lips of liu2 yong xu zhimo, or is Nietzsche’s poetry, readers are intoxicated. & other; The pursuit of his life never short of a girl. Throughout the &; Haven’t started the speech, the reporter heard the most readers communication is liu2 yong love experience. But to his surprise, liu2 yong junior into the marriage hall, came to nanjing yesterday he deliberately introduced his wife.

& other; Come to nanjing this time, I must let her follow ah, this is back! Throughout the &; Liu2 yong laughs, because my mother-in-law is from nanjing, liu yong of nanjing also has a special feeling, just one appearance is especially excited, & other; Come to nanjing, I first thing is to take off your clothes, happy. Throughout the &;

because youth is poor, when yong and his wife to my father-in-law proffered a downscale, let two old man’s house is in a hurry for a period of time, but after Liu Yongyong time gave them the proof of that. & other; They always use their values to look at our world, so we in choosing a lover, always is not the same with their opinions. Don’t complain, always go through each stage, have the experience to have the final precipitation. Throughout the &; Liu2 yong laughs, & other; So my mother-in-law always praised me lady can pick now, just in love is more than a month say to condemn me, nanjing girl you badly. Throughout the &;

about creating

skip class is a kind of understand the score of the primary and secondary

that year in school, liu yong is not a good students, who also don’t know in the future he can have such a great achievement. & other; Yes, often poor students, only tears, achievement can very well in the future. Throughout the &; When it comes to this, liu yong laughs, & other; Because they know the decisiveness, the time does not return, when they know what is the best opportunity to strike. Throughout the &;

to have their own ideas, creative, this is liu yong has been encouraging the students and the reader’s yesterday. & other; Now the children are always rote learning, is not to say that using the memory is not good, but if we want to carry those things and let yourself lost creativity? Throughout the &; Liu2 yong specially made examples to prove themselves, & other; When I was a freshman in English class, the result & lsquo; Die when & rsquo; . But I take part in the community, stage play, in there, I’m a sophomore as community leaders, also talked with the heroine of love, be my wife now. By senior year, I am determined to rebuild English, graduated from the results can also be used very well. Throughout the &;