LiuLingTong 90 – year – old still like the old dense monkey speak and can’t help scratching (FIG.)


in LiuLingTong home, there are three great root, the root is LiuLingTong father, the second root is LiuLingTong, third is zhang jinlai, this is the south Monkey King family heirloom.

chapter house is Monkey King family, out of the four generations of Monkey King. Really lay a monkey show finally family or LiuLingTong ZhangZongYi Sir, said & other; Throughout south Monkey King &; . He has successfully in the film “three dozen bones jing” the Monkey King, is considered to be ShaoJu continuity of key figures.

this famous & other Throughout south Monkey King &; , it was already nearly ninety – year – old man.

to know we are going to visit, LiuLingTong early sat waiting at the edge of the square table.

the old man very white skin, look good. There are a few a little yellow cup on the desk, can vaguely see bearing & other; Zhejiang shaoxing theater & throughout; The whole family, plain and simple.

& other; Father once also quite good, every day morning activities under the body, two steamed bread for breakfast. He loves to eat meat, but also love to drink alcohol, shaoxing was rarely smoked cigarettes. Throughout the &; Always take care of ZhangJinShan LiuLingTong son said.

interview, LiuLingTong occasionally play on a few period of monkey show, scratching, outlook, cheeks, nose with a slight twitch when sad, happy eyes, light and & other; Luo before & throughout; The HouSheng & hellip; & hellip; Having an organized effort, a good laugh at you.

than speak, he seems to prefer to use body language to express.

although old, but about & other; The monkey & throughout; All that he did not forget. And about other memories, will have to use son ZhangJinShan remind and added to one side.

would have heard that Tibetan has inspired countless great LiuLingTong home. Rattan, aluminum alloy, white, gold, inlaid dragon & hellip; & hellip; The Monkey King used the great family, combined & other; Hundreds have & throughout; .

find few roots in the great, the son ZhangJinShan LiuLingTong picked up one of them, with their feet on, then nodded smile to us, we understand, he said it was this cane do great, toughness is very good.

close to interview end, LiuLingTong shook hands with us, the high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, are forced to take us to the door. He didn’t choose and employ persons to assist, it is no use crutches, robust pace.

he said that he wanted to stage again.