Live for director sent tofu and resolved “gifts” meet people

video: yuyao citizens to live built director send & other; Tofu & throughout; Source: liaoning urban channel

Beijing, ningbo in October 12 (reporter what Jiang Yong trainee reporter Xu Lejing) Mid-Autumn festival on the eve of the zhejiang yuyao a citizen to local live built bureau sent a special gift & ndash; & ndash; Tofu, the purpose is to remind their duty, to prevent & other; Tofu & throughout; Engineering. 11, & other; Gifts & throughout; Director zhao hundred new response, engineering quality is one hundred, not the send shoddy, building department also very fast. In addition, he said, understanding the warning said, will be within the scope of authority services the parties to solve difficult.

plant quality problems cause & other Tofu & throughout; Gift

recently, yuyao, zhejiang gome special engineering plastics co., LTD. Yang Xiaoxin give local live built bureau zhao hundred new tofu heat transfer on the Internet of things, Yang Xiaoxin said, is to send & other; Tofu & throughout; Because deeply & other; Tofu & throughout; Hurt by the architecture.

Yang Xiaoxin introduction, in 2005, he and his wife made yuyao manger head village of 10000 square meters of land use rights, built in the above four plants, covers an area of 12510.16 square meters, construction period for more than 580 ten thousand yuan, and other aspects, such as water and electricity, decoration costs, plant total cost more than $12 million.

however, there are media reports, said Yang Xiaoxin factory built after three months appeared quality problem, and more and more serious. By December 2008, building 4 plant more column wall cracks appear different degree and the girder fracture phenomenon, roofing, external wall cracking and leaking.

& other; Completion inspection and acceptance is less than 6 years, now the new factory is on the brink of collapse the dangerous house, I really hard to accept. Throughout the &; Yang Xiaoxin said.

in Yang Xiaoxin point of view, this factory is impossible to be qualified. But, in fact, yuyao construction engineering quality safety surveillance to completion for the record.

& other; Quality safety station received nearly 20000 yuan supervision fee, but only accept money don’t work? Throughout the &; Such Yang Xiaoxin media interview questions.

Yang Xiaoxin told news agency reporter, ordinary people not an expert, unable to determine whether the qualified in the quality of engineering.

Yang Xiaoxin said, had to beg for living building department, but in the end also didn’t get an answer. So choose to live built bureau zhao hundred new send shoddy, in order to remind its duty, prevent again & other; Tofu & throughout; Engineering.

director not seen & other; Gifts & throughout; Reply to explain

on October 11, the new told news agency reporters in an interview with zhao, he sent 4 times before and after Yang Xiaoxin tofu, but he hasn’t received.

& other; Tofu was sent on the guard there, the thought is not a normal thing, just take a piece of paper (the message) to the office, the office to send this sheet to me again. Throughout the &; Such as zhao best new, said he didn’t know how to send tofu, as a result, zhao hundred new petition offices put this sheet away, with reporting procedures reply.

on September 28, yuyao live built bureau will be sent to Yang Xiaoxin reply, live built bureau explanation: the letter on June 28, 2006, the owner unit organization supervision, construction, design and so on during the completion acceptance, yuyao qualitative stand work safety supervision and inspection acceptance of cfna attended the meeting, did not find in the acceptance of the subject has an illegal illegal problems, according to the parties to the subject of acceptance report issued by a qualified opinion supervision.

yuyao vice adsense jian-jiang wang construction engineering quality safety surveillance 11 introduce to news reporters, since 2000, the quality safety station function has changed, in terms of acceptance of work, from the original check is made into records, each link originally need identification of quality control, and quality safety station’s mission is to supervise every link of the program is legal compliance.

however, jian-jiang wang also said that in the process of project construction, quality, and the safety stand will spot check for each link, the final completion inspection and acceptance by the owner party organization design, construction, supervision and other units, in accordance with the provisions, the methods and procedures, and in all the subjects to determine the qualified after registration for the record.

to earlier media reports in by an investigation, build system officials live built bureau says former quality safety station chief Feng Jibiao is about more than ten years ago, and the current city quality safety station chief zhang lihui is surveyed before send shoddy school events, unrelated and tofu.

owner court of appeals for the construction of the party and the contradiction

reporter learned in the interview process, Yang Xiaoxin place of gome special engineering plastics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other; Gome company throughout the &;) In 2008, was the original construction of ningbo around construction co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other; To the company throughout &;) To court.

around Liu Hanrong told news agency reporters, the general manager of our company, in accordance with the original contract, in the workshop, after the completion of Yang Xiaoxin should pay the rest of the project is 1.08 million yuan, but the Yang Xiaoxin many delay for three years. In desperation to the company in 2008 will be gome appealed to the court.

& other; Before 2008, he (Yang Xiaoxin) did not put forward building quality problem, until we Sue to the court, he began to tell factory quality problems. Throughout the &; Liu Hanrong said.

in the same year, 2008, yuyao people’s court accepted the appeal and counterclaim cases, and in 2010 made the first-instance judgment.

yuyao people four division chief judges Zhu Haoliang said, the people’s court at the beginning the case complicated, court has authority to find the building quality appraisal, fix three judicial appraisal, identification and price of final judgment gome’s pay to the company 1085791 yuan, while in the gome repair fee RMB 780000.

just, this ruling both parties are not satisfied, and appeal to the ningbo city intermediate people’s court, the court upheld the conviction, then gome company to apply for retrial, in zhejiang province higher people’s court dismissed the appeal.

however, it’s not over. In December 2010 and April 2011, gome company respectively twice to building quality problem yuyao people’s court of appeal. Yuyao people said a court President yan lienchiang, the people’s court for two case is still in the trial.