London Olympic theme mystery novels published reminds the reader the face challenges

& other; Apollo, the sun king, the embodiment of light, let you of the radiant light is lit the torch & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; May 10, the London Olympic Games the torch-lighting ceremony in ancient Olympia, the arena, the highest female priests with collected & other; The fire of pure & throughout; The first torchbearer in the hands of the torch lit & ndash; & ndash; The Olympic torch relay kicks off!

at the same time, with London Olympic Games as the theme of suspense novel also on national book fair. By two American suspense master James & middot; Patterson and mark & middot; Sullivan, as the background of the Olympic Games in London, the history of the Olympic Games, the Olympic spirit and the Olympic special problem facing a line. And the main plot of the story occurred in the London Olympic Games main stadium, wonderful Olympic gold war appear vividly in front of the readers. In a word, all aspects related to the London Olympics are embedded in the author elaborate story, the author also through these historical and fictional story, this warning to the modern Olympic Games are faced with the problem, and illustrates their understanding of the Olympic Games and look forward to.


overseas media & other; James & middot; Patterson’s novel is a high efficient entertainment line, commercial novels of the best-selling brand, design professional, quick as lightning. Throughout the &;

& other; On July 25, 2012, the middle of the night, the Olympic Games organizing committee, a senior official Denton jazz was killed in the garden & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Next, a series of terrorist attacks hangs over the London Olympic Games. Don’t be afraid, this is not a prediction, is not is about to happen, but the two American suspense master James & middot; Patterson and mark & middot; Sullivan’s latest blockbuster sin: London Olympic Games, the main plot. Around the London Olympic Games of suspense novel, is a concentration of murder, detective, history of the Olympic Games, the London Olympic stadium is introduced, the opening and closing ceremonies, the significant corruption, famous athletes, the Olympic game, the Olympic security, the British social problems, the Greek myths and bosnian genocide is a rare work. In London, the Olympic flame has been lit, competition is about to open, read the novel, is the first Olympic Games addiction. How, then, contents of the book? Recently, the reporter related to problems with a novel zhang bing a translator.

the Olympic spirit is a departure from or inheritance?

& other; The author through the fictional story, cleverly reminded readers throughout the various challenges faced by the modern Olympic Games &;


shandong business newspaper: “the London Olympic Games, there are a lot of information about the history of the Olympic Games. These, the author have any criticism of the modern Olympic Games commercial with you? Think of this conflict with the spirit of the ancient Olympics?

a: zhang bing author James skillfully through the ancient Olympic Games & ndash; & ndash; A worship the gods ceremony & ndash; & ndash; Contrast with the reality of modern Olympic Games are full of filthy, the bribery of the international Olympic committee, the security hidden danger, drug abuse, money, underage children’s play, the referee injustice, media at others life chasing ratings and other malpractices in story causality interwoven, and critical writing bold questioned the modern Olympic Games, throw a problem worthy of thinking deeply: the Olympic spirit is a departure from or inheritance?

there is no doubt that the modern games more or less influenced by commercial interests, it is unable to completely eliminate in a short period of time. But the author still optimistic attitude and praise, with which the Olympic spirit expressed his pursuit of the Olympic ideals and persistence, and call for the Olympic spirit of solidarity and fair.

shandong business newspaper: London Olympic Games from the date of bid, has been in the face of challenge, riots, crisis, security and scandal, so much so that in the United States had to be taken into account, the FBI to protect the security of the delegation. The author in the novel how to show these, and how to think about these questions?

a: zhang bing, indeed, the 2012 London Olympics since bid, doubts, known as the most difficult crisis of the Olympic Games. In the novel, the author made a lot of questions are worth thinking. Involved in the Olympic bid scandal, for example, in the book are fictional hedge-fund bosses bribe the problem of the international Olympic committee (ioc); Stimulants such as public concerns, the authors invented the shot put champion of the world was accused of taking insulin growth factor (IGF 1 story; On security issues, the villain in the story many times working smoothly into the Olympic stadium, that highlights the people concern about security.

the author through the fictional story, subtly reminding readers of the various challenges faced by the modern Olympic Games, at the same time to the charges ultimately proved to be false, to indicate that the Olympic movement take up the challenge and overcome the attitude and efforts for this purpose. Obviously, the author on the problems existing in the modern Olympic Games was attacked the attitude to have, but the prospect of the London Olympic Games is promising, is confident to carry forward the Olympic spirit.

by novel & other; Visit & throughout; London Olympic venues

& other; The author is not simply introduce the venue, but take full advantage of the characteristics of these places to design the plot & throughout;

shandong business newspaper: novel is obtained, with Olympic venues, is to introduce readers to the London Olympic stadium’s specific situation, what do you think, in the form of a novel, what’s the attraction? If reading this book, basically made London Olympic main stadium and other Visit & throughout; It again?

a: zhang bing is good, is one of the stories of the novel, the author put the assassination scene moved to London Olympic venues. For example, the Olympic park, London bowl, arcelormittal orbit tower, O2 arena, cycling venues, basketball stadium, grassplot, swimming pool and diving and the athletes’ village became the first scene of the crime. Readers will find that the author is not simply introduce venues, but take full advantage of the characteristics of these places to design plot, even with large space features, an immersive.

, for example, there is a gym in the water chase, including from the stand to the gym channel specific to the 115 and 116 the number, the female police officer’s water motor boats, queen’s pier, on both sides of the river Thames police sirens & hellip; & hellip; There is quite a Hollywood blockbuster. And, of course, the best part & ndash; & ndash; The climax of the novel is the landmark building of the Olympic Games in London.

after reading this book, not only can check all the Olympic venues, can also feel wonderful Olympic programs and gold war ahead of schedule.