London the opening ceremony of the current British countryside landscape UK media: stupid blind patriotism (FIG.)

Olympic Games opening ceremony of the creative model diagram, main stadium will be decorated to look like the English countryside

the guardian commentators Jonathan Jones13 daily published a commentary, questioned the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games will be held a more like Britain since HIGH enough internationalization. The original is as follows:

when you require other countries together and you feel your national pride, the word patriotism is stupid. When the moon is so so, I was just think: oh, that top on the stars and stripes. Now, why do we need to put the self-pity self-love of the British empire in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, also looking forward to the follow partied all over the world? We are this is not a study in the us, psychosexuality himself into a piece of beautiful land and try very hard to sell yourself to the world?

hundreds of millions of people will watch the directed by famous director Danny Boyle, will cost 27 million pounds of the opening ceremony. It is said that the opening day, main stadium will be decorated into the appearance of the English countryside in the fiction, this ridiculous & other; Spectacular & throughout; Scenario will take the world as part of our Great Britain national scenery: by the cattle and sheep, chickens and ducks in groups, by the way, there are 12 horses and two geese. Have a special rain, of course, if the don’t make the United States, the sky will be artificial precipitation.

what I’m not a sports fan, when the Olympic Games is also a look at the. I wonder why the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will so excessively reveals peoples cognitive sense? Boyle complacency is far more than that, he put the industrial revolution and is said to be very rich our health care system are got in.

unfortunately, we just finished celebrating the 60th anniversary of the reign of queen the summer, the Olympic Games if so skill, people all over the world will only thought of modern British unproductive, clamouring for queen is reasonable, because the queen is the symbol of the Olympic Games is the international.

this is some of the British museum exhibits to the ancient Greek Olympics, one of the most dazzling a picture is the art of ancient Greece. Any audience will want to see a larger, comprehensive exhibition of Olympic history, however, later the blockbuster show here, will be about our Shakespeare.

the UK this summer is hosting the Olympic Games, for the world or for themselves? Director so small endowment the emotional appeal that don’t really fit for this global event opening?

as we all know, the great depression of the 1930 s, blind nationalism complex has given rise to the nazis, and nightmare after world war ii. Our British at that time, so it is with, the artist endless depicting objects on the island, a novelist must write some strange stuff in the book. Now, it is the depression, are we still want to rely on endlessly eulogize the hometown to nourish our fragile national pride? The Olympic Games should not be so far, more broad and generous.