London the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games are currently UFO experts: aliens have found human (FIG.)

London the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in the fireworks show UFO (video capture)

international online features: according to the British “daily mail” reported on July 30, in London on July 27, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in the process of setting off fireworks in the night sky appeared a mysterious UFO flashing light. It presents the dish, send out a metallic luster, no one can explain what the slow-moving objects.

UK website Examiner first reported UFO events, local time at 12 PM on July 27, 30 points, the UFO appeared in east London Olympic park stadium. One theory is that this & other; The spacecraft & throughout; May be news agency for shooting photo small spacecraft. But the national broadcasting company is responsible for the story of the Olympic Games in 2012 air show, according to the object is not like a floating ship. Some people comment on YouTube, believe that the UFO was actually a helicopter, there are might be a scam.

in the British ministry of defence work 20 years to investigate alleged incident expert Nick & middot; Pop () Nick Pope said: & other; Defense department internal widely believe that aliens have human found by TV or radio signals. If aliens on our psychology, they are likely to choose in the important dates in the air. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Olympic Games closing ceremony is a important day. Throughout the &; Pope had have also predicted, the Olympic Games may attract the alien presence. IfengLogo (jin-liang li)