Long yu why not guangxu favor: older women’s consort zhen eight years older

13 years the fifteenth day of the day, the queen mother held & for the emperor guangxu seventeen other The leading ceremony & throughout; , announced the shade GuiZheng, then control the state power in the form of political tutelage. At this time, one more can’t delay any big deal, it is the emperor of the marriage.

cixi decisions, sensation in one’s hand

in ancient China is an agricultural society, attaches great importance to the reproduction of population, how to breeding population? One way is early marriage. At the time, even if the adult, 16 after the boys want to marry and start a family, the emperor is leading the way to the peoples, of course no exception. So, the emperor shunzhi is 14 or 15 years, and he married the queen, while the guangxu emperor has reached seventeen & other Older & throughout; , but still a & other; Single people & throughout; , it’s a little said “no” in the past.

at the time, young people in China have no marriage autonomy, all by parents advocate, this call & other; The lives of their parents, their arranged & throughout; So, the royal. At that time, emperor guangxu unmarried, responsibility clearly in his adoptive mother empress dowager. In fact, the reason why she didn’t give raise our marriage, guangxu emperor at the end of the day or the power of greed. As is known to all, marriage is one of the symbols of mature young guangxu emperor once held a wedding ceremony, marry queen, is no longer a child, she is not even the reason of political tutelage. In order to make their own power is not compromised, empress dowager cixi sacrifice the happiness of the guangxu emperor that caused the result of emperor guangxu seventeen years old unmarried.

in guangxu fourteen years, emperor guangxu 18 years old, he of our marriage really can’t. Dare to anger can’t say, up and down in the dark scold her selfish people heart, callous. Who thought of this year on June 19, she suddenly announced two decision: first, will be held in January next year of guangxu emperor wedding ceremony. Second, the guangxu after getting married, they no longer political tutelage. For this purpose, the empress dowager cixi command qin day pick a good day. Princes were surprised, I do not know the empress dowager cixi gourd sell what medicine, want to talk to the dowager polite, advised her to continue to political tutelage, again afraid to offend the adult of emperor guangxu. Are doubts, guangxu issued by ukase, respect the decision of the queen mother, the queen and hope from now on & other; A little information and rest & throughout; And don’t like before, too busy to forget all about eating and sleeping. Since emperor guangxu has said, what is even more difficult.

may be someone will ask, in cixi guangxu wedding date, has not yet been chosen for the emperor queen, guangxu marry any girl then? In fact, this problem don’t have to think, the emperor wanted to marry who is and who get married, don’t have to ask the woman and the opinions of the parents. Tell it like it is, of course, not guangxu who want to get married, but she let him marry whom. So, what is the meaning of the dowager?

choose niece, sacrifice guangxu

she already have answers, but according to the royal tradition, program or to go. So, in the coming year, as she decorated the procedures of the wedding, planning the budget, one side with great enthusiasm to draft. Conditional girls be batch into the palace, she led a harem, people close to the ideas, carefully. Eliminated, several times to guangxu fourteen years early winter, only five girls, queen will be produced in the five people in the future.

the Chinese see marriage as a life-long, indeed, any girls set for the queen, not only the relationship between the royal blood reproduction, also affects the harmonious of the royal family. In order to ensure that their influence, the dowager daughter-in-law must choose a favorite. When arrive chosen queen in that year, she also can’t and the result with CiAn queen mother and a son, o put to their taste root’s appointed queen, now is different in the past, empress dowager cixi in power, with confidence.

guangxu fourteen years at the beginning of October 5, the decider moment arrived. In the body and the temple, empress dowager cixi held throne, guangxu emperor called to participate in the first time, stood beside her uncomfortable. Stood behind the dowager had other sons and daughters RongShou princess and fujin myobu, serious atmosphere, was silent. Outdoor sleet, the wind is, for the emperor queen, but have no a festive atmosphere.

on the table in front of the empress dowager cixi, with a white jade ruyi handle, two embroidered pockets, get the jade ruyi girl is the future of the queen, two pockets for future concubines. Visible, in the final round of selection, the five girls will one become queen, two people become concubines, the rest of the two of them out. According to the people spend with SAN guan orphan yi “, she pointed to the jade ruyi, said to the emperor guangxu, the five girls all research, but after all is your life, while the emperor to see who is interested, handed her the jade ruyi.

half is polite, guangxu emperor half also is carried on, hurriedly answer: & other; This event when the emperor father of god, I can’t independent. Throughout the &; She act like a liberal, must guangxu self-selection, guangxu emperor didn’t mention it. Promise.

five girls, dressed down and lead China call to salute, in turn, self-reported history, then bowed their heads and stood there, let many eyes look at again and again. Guangxu focusing a look, very surprised, originally, candidates in the first of her nieces! Guangxu emperor know empress dowager cixi’s niece? In fact, far more than understanding, guangxu emperor’s birth mother is her favorite sister,

so, empress dowager cixi’s niece with emperor guangxu’s cousin, is three years older than guangxu emperor, is the first big cousin, when I was a child often entered the palace, and emperor guangxu game, one of a childhood playmate. Guangxu emperor cousin will become queen candidate, dreaming can think and himself is now & other; Elder unmarried youth & throughout; , cousin is in fact a & other; Leftover women & throughout; , haven’t find a husband’s family at the age of 21. Her height is not but some humpback, face not short but often sad face, have no attractive places, compared to the rest of the four contestants the best describe is & other; Stand out & throughout; This idiom upside down.

in guangxu breast immediately from a nameless anger, he understood that big cousin & other; Did difficulties & throughout; , after rounds of elimination go today, her pre-arranged, looks for life is a foregone conclusion, but preached to pick, is really false acme! Guangxu born stubborn temper, on the one hand, under the arrangement of the empress dowager cixi, on the other hand it is despises cousin, he picked up the jade ruyi, bypass the cousin, look at the other four contestants. See a different charm temperament, he immediately feel dazzling, don’t know who to pass the jade ruyi.

guangxu hesitated for a moment, with a jade ruyi came to a girl looks beautiful. The girl is the daughter of the governor of jiangxi province fragrance. See his niece is about to lose, empress dowager cixi to just make the commitment, harsh voice shouted: & other; The emperor! Throughout the &; Guangxu a look back, see the empress dowager cixi severe eye and eye contact, a surge of emotion. After a short struggle, he know the persistence empress dowager cixi, had to go to cousin, somberly handed jade ruyi, then turned back. Cousin kowtow shane, guangxu emperor are ignored.

it is very awkward, to the two embroidered pockets on the table, that’s concubines to prepare for the future, but don’t choose guangxu emperor, he pursed mouth stood on the side, eyes looking at the ceiling. She just arranged to the end, she let the princess RongShou to pass in a pouch of the two girls, the end of the draft, and then issued and sealed, announced to the world:

we choose to deputy commander-in-chief GuiXiangZhi female Ye He that Laplace, demure, the appointed queen & hellip; & hellip; Breakfast of assistant minister xu long he la’s 15 years old female, the seal for jin wives. Breakfast of assistant minister xu long he la’s thirteen years old female, the seal for Jane wives.

this commandment is & other; Chic & throughout; , it narrates the jin wives and Jane wives age – 15 and 13 years old, must have shied away from the queen’s age. Obviously, this is don’t want to let everybody know the emperor married a & other; Older female youth & throughout; . According to the standard, the age of the woman is at the age of 21 should outsiders. Through the ages, women is more sensitive to age, in fact, really sensitive is those who have not a girl, but still want to & other; Pretend to be & throughout; The girls.