Lost world cultural celebrities in 2011: during his life really change the world

Elizabeth & middot; Taylor

editor’s note: in 2011, in a hurry in the past, in this year, many have influence or changing The Times are still left us cultural celebrities. Steve & middot; Mr Jobs, a & other; To live is to change the world & throughout; The miracle of the creator; Elizabeth & middot; Taylor, the world recognized as Hollywood’s top & other; Herself & throughout; ; Cesar leah & middot; Ives, individual character is dye-in-the-wood barefoot singer and a great woman; Vincent tan, bring people moved to numerous classic pop songs & other; Dr Music strange & throughout; ; Amy & middot; Winehouse, controversial, a 27-year-old grammy winner five & hellip; & hellip;

to suspend the unfinished business, bid farewell to the human right and wrong, they left us. Looking back they create brilliant, we can still clearly feel they bring to the world of change.

& other; Hollywood evergreen tree & throughout;

& ndash; & ndash; Elizabeth & middot; Taylor

& other; No one can play Elizabeth & middot; Taylor, in addition to myself. Throughout the &;

she is recognized as the world’s top & other; Herself & throughout; To violet eyes when it comes to living beings, is a period in which the aesthetic pole; Twice won the Oscar statuette to changeable charm and compelling acting conquered Hollywood; Life 14 times on the magazine cover, after princess Diana. She was cancelled due to opposition to the Iraq war (at the oscars qualification; Her life had 8 husbands, bold words and deeds, not cover personality makes her for many years to stay in the public eye; She is keen to charity, HIV/AIDS prevention and control of movement pioneer, created by the HIV/AIDS research funds to raise more than $80 million for 12 years; Off-screen in the 1980 s, she has been suffering from the disease, for hundreds of times operation in 20 years, the self-proclaimed & other; Throughout life fighter &; The days are held up & hellip; & hellip; All this made her a legend of the eternal. This year, the Hollywood legend really leave us.

on March 23, known as the & other Throughout the world beauty &; & other; Hollywood evergreen tree & throughout; As the actress Elizabeth & middot; Taylor has died at the age of 79.