Love in a mental hospital

I’ve always thought, love is a very difficult thing, and beauty is impossible. Madman shu-sheng li love badly wrong, he fell in love with his own doctor, mistakenly thought it is in the bag. When he asked me to transfer this love letter, I feel despair for him. He repeatedly said, hope to get each other as soon as possible, after he good preparation, such as and meet the family, such as dinner at a hotel, and then happily back to the hospital, he continued to do his crazy, she, or his doctor.

with his permission, I read the contents of the letter. We stood in a corner of the room at that time, around is coming and going crazy, smoking a cigarette. Shu-sheng li read a little bit of ancient prose, read the book of songs, feel good about themselves. His most eccentric idea is to see me at one in the room were stained with lunatics smoke wall, he said, here is like a temple is sweet yellows wax paper money in the air, make him feel safe, can get bless. I said it’s no wonder that you have been sleeping next to the wall. He is a bit impatient, let me go away.

to the requirement of lunatics and reasonable, I am, how much more about love. I always think love is is bigger than the sky, so happily take the letter to find a fine doctor li.

the content of the letter is not like what he said is culture, handwriting is very poor, each tipped at, as if did not mean to say I love you, the title is off the mark. The text is as follows:

I and my family

Li fine doctor:

hello! I was born on June 23, 1971, a military engineer family. Father is graduated from sichuan university, engineer, my mother is the northeast normal university graduate from high school teachers, died in 1985. My brother graduated from technical school, my sister graduated from high school, I is undergraduate course graduation, graduated from family.

I am very kind, practiced qigong, body is full of photoelectron and electromagnetic wave, the society have a lot of people understand I have a lot of people don’t understand me, because I am a saint, and it is the saint thing in the world. What is a saint in the universe? & other; With heaven and earth and its DE, with four and its sequence, and the demons and its good or ill luck & throughout; .

a lot of people don’t understand the culture, I understand, I can read a lot of people can’t read the book.

I now the body is good, also very healthy, I would like to set up a family.

in fact, I don’t have a mental illness. One year, I go to qingcheng mountain worship a master of qigong, practice qigong greenery, right now. I’ve reached perfection, the highest point, can lead to god, has a specific function. Doctor, last week the freckles on your face, remember, is I a finger with the hand, for you to remove.

fine doctor lee, we are together is the fate, I am willing to spend a wonderful life with you get married, never forgets, you should also think of her lifelong event. A woman in my life the biggest wish is to marry a good man, I am a good man in front of you, please cherish!

love you shu-sheng li