Love reveal Chiang kai-shek absurd life: “female complex” preferred sexy girl

Chiang kai-shek’s affair

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& other; & lsquo; Shut up! & rsquo; Chiang Shouting. But the big mouth continued: & lsquo; You are indeed a gentle and in the great lover, you are spirits and women, there is a kind of can’t control the impulse. In numerous gossip, some have between your partner and be judgmental listeners panicked. You choose is really on the bed partner miscellaneous, miscellaneous. You are too good promiscuity, candidate so that you too not pay attention to, ha, ha, ha. & rsquo; Very, I am shocked to hear these words don’t want to listen to bottom go to, as a result, each man holding small weft countries said: & lsquo; I’m going to call in the hall. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

from the matchmaker mouth, named kai-ming feng lino as heard these defamatory content for the first time. She could not understand at the time, a man of private life has such bad feeling, how was Chiang kai-shek, please act as he and his matchmaker? And kai-ming feng inadvertently exposed in the presence of lino such as Chiang kai-shek old things, always ready to marry to Chiang’s lino like frightened to disgrace. Yuki from kai-ming feng’s words, not only hear haunted by Chiang kai-shek in recent years, Shanghai brothel brothels of malpractice, and kai-ming feng also confirmed the Chiang in selective partner & other; Miscellaneous surprisingly & throughout; .

kai-ming feng as this absurd life witness Chiang kai-shek, his words, of course, is reliable, and he’s comments is in front of Chiang kai-shek and yuki said, certainly not out of thin air. Yuki like surprise, kai-ming feng even publicly said Chiang in personal life & other; Very good promiscuity & throughout; That & other; The candidates too not pay attention to & throughout; . Kai-ming feng lino as to situation not only show that Chiang kai-shek in the romantic field like piao & other Sexy girl & throughout; , at the same time also completely exposed some lino as unheard of folly. If someone says lino, such as the memoir is, long after she was abandoned by Chiang to stigmatise anger and deliberately to Chiang kai-shek’s body, is also unreasonable, because lino, such as, after all, not familiar with old Shanghai hidden inside in the brothel, she was a woman can not rely on subjective evil coined at the plot, therefore lino as quoted & other; The matchmaker & throughout;

a paragraph of kai-ming feng of history of the high reliability.

now refer to Chiang himself wrote diary during this period, also can find the journey he play in places such as Shanghai. Chiang himself has admitted the fact that he whoring exist, such as & other Decadent, no shape & throughout; (July 24, 1919), such as & other; Emotions and lingering throughout & liberation of suffering. (April 27, 1919), such as & other; To see the color heart Yin, crazy state, cannot suppress yi & throughout; (on March 9, 1919), and so on. Crazy whoring Chiang himself for this period of feeling, not only visible enjoy pen from his diary, at the same time, it can be found from these words his soul in their fornication the complex mentality of pain and remorse. Because at that time jiang is not due to poor husband and wife feelings for the opposite sex friend, but in marital discord as an excuse to take the racket of fireworks in places such as Shanghai, indulge voluptuousness. In this complex and dissolute, under the psychological effect of Chiang kai-shek is inevitable for women to play with a woman, as insider kai-ming feng said, more than a sexual partners not tire of the period the jiang, sometimes in the pursuit of the opposite sex to crazy & other; Promiscuity & throughout; Degree. Believe that this also is later of the main causes of Chiang kai-shek remorse unceasingly in the diary.

4. Love the continuation of female complex

Chiang kai-shek life have a passion for the opposite sex, youth is the appreciation of beautiful woman. He puts in his diary for many times, as long as the gorgeous women encounter on the way, he is suddenly heartache. In the spring of 1919 when he passed through Hong Kong, in a modern gorgeous found on the road the strange woman beside him is lightsome, Chiang kai-shek immediately & other; See color do & throughout; . Diary (see Chiang on March 8, 1919) thus, Chiang color heart, almost to the obsession with desire for women. Perhaps because of Chiang kai-shek innate love female complex, during his lifetime, he is very eager to also can have their own daughters. Unfortunately things didn’t work, he may, only two son, Chiang kai-shek life namely Chiang ching-kuo and Jiang Wei countries.

Chiang ching-kuo is he and his wife Mao Fumei, the origin of the name of his second Jiang Wei countries, over the years has always criticized by anecdotal. Even in Chiang kai-shek during his lifetime, strictly control the media and public opinion by power, but still some relevant Jiang Wei countries of origin of all that. These rumors, aggravating the Chiang kai-shek’s heart, but he is helpless, because anyone can’t to cover up the historical truth. Until 1975, Chiang was dead in Taiwan, also has not been made clear he and Jiang Wei countries whether two people are blood relations. However, Chiang had no daughter, life is the fact that does not dispute. And Chiang kai-shek love me, love my dog, like women for life and always eager to have a daughter, this is history have its thing. Lamentation let Chiang kai-shek himself, his life countless women have sex relationship, and then marry three wives besides Mao Fumei Jiang Sheng for a children, however, the other two are not have. It almost becomes a Chiang kai-shek life the biggest regret. However, Chiang kai-shek to make up for the daughter without woman, in his early years in his hometown of fenghua, zhejiang have adopted two girls for their adopted daughter, after the check, it is a fact.

fenghua history expert, has served in fenghua municipal party committee united front work department of Mr Wang Shunqi by “the hometown of Chiang described to smell,” according to information, confirmed anecdotal once spread & other Chiang kai-shek closed adopted daughter & throughout; The authenticity of the.