Love the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, “three highs” leftover women — the world’s highest

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: nowadays, whenever about love festival comes, in the singles & other Left geek & throughout; Overall, were hyped by the media. In the mainland, elder unmarried men and women called & other; Left male left female & throughout; Call, Taiwan & other; Kuang hatred throughout the female & male; , while Hong Kong anecdotal by age, location, and of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan & other; The feeling left & throughout; The cause of what is, what are the different and same, it is a concern.

mainland: after 70 good enough when & other; Left male left female & throughout;

the elder unmarried men and women, the mainland China women’s federation standards are defined, male, female, 27, 30 years old.

in recent years, the social attitude towards older unwed has also been gradually relaxed. In 2011, Shanghai & other; Citizen mailbox & throughout; Via the Internet, a survey found that more than 1200 people, 85% of respondents believe that to calculate & on the other; Older & throughout; , women must be at least 30 years of age or older, male is more than 32; Including the standard defined in & other; Female, male, aged 32 more than 34 & throughout; There are 43%. This means that many & other; After the 70 & throughout; Good enough when & other; Left male left female & throughout; .

but due to the effect of traditional Chinese culture, the whole society to & other; Left & throughout; Or a clear & other; Heavy light male & female throughout; Tendencies. Social culture of male elder unmarried tolerance is relatively high, some relatively harsh to women.

Hong Kong: women with an average age of over 40

according to the statistics, the average age of the single women in Hong Kong has more than 40 years of age, and significantly higher than the mainland and the international average level. Hong Kong due to the effect of western culture more deeply, the pursuit of individual character freedom, & other; Left male left female & throughout; As an ageing population is regarded as a normal social phenomenon, the whole city for & other; Leftover women & throughout; More tolerance, awareness is lower, we have gradually become accustomed to, so for single men and women has less pressure of public opinion.

three highs is & other; Be left throughout the &; Main

Hong Kong’s economic and social developed, advanced education, many Hong Kong women’s high quality, strong sense of independence, was a real woman. Hong Kong on October 10, according to a survey released on, according to Hong Kong 26 years old or above of unmarried women questioned in the survey, nearly sixty percent of respondents confidence & other; Who & throughout; . More than forty percent of respondents thought & other; Highly educated, high income and high position & throughout; The & other; Three high & throughout; The main reason is characterized by Hong Kong women turn a heterosexual.

low port female & other; Want to marry & throughout; Is willing to drop standard

according to the Hong Kong wen wei Po reported, nowadays Hong Kong women lest be & other; Leftover women gens & throughout; , rather than lower requirements for before the marriageable age & other; La buried skylight & throughout; . The survey found that 30.4% of women surveyed get married reason is don’t want to miss the marriageable age; 65.4% of respondents said partner in reality and the ideal partner has a certain gap, such as values, personality, appearance and career achievements are not as expected. Investigators believe that although Hong Kong women in the workplace more capable, finally still want to be able to find a feelings of belonging, give them financial and psychological support.

low & other; Inverse proposal & throughout; Phenomena emerge

in recent years, the Hong Kong women than men are superior in terms of social status, the working class. In order to as soon as possible & other; Strip & throughout; Port, many women have initiative and bow Hong Kong began to emerge & other; Inverse proposal & throughout; The phenomenon. According to media reports, many Hong Kong Japanese movements boyfriend proposed marriage, pay more since I pay the deposit; Also has a girlfriend willing to carefully planned a surprise proposal. And get married object, but is not necessarily a floor in hand’s son-in-law. In Hong Kong, in fact not all young people should be before marriage is to buy a house, most of the young couple is to give priority to in order to rent first, and after I consider children to buy a house.

Taiwan: & other; Want to say love you really not easy & throughout;

low & other; Women more than men less & throughout; Show

in addition to unmarried rise, late marriage is becoming more and more Taiwanese, 2010 men and women of average age of 33.9 and 30.3 years old respectively. In addition, compared with & other; Kuang male & throughout; , & other; Because female & throughout; More and more. Although men or higher proportions of unmarried women now, but over the past decade, according to data from the gap has more and more small. And Taiwan & other; Master plan place & throughout; Statistics show that: this year’s permanent population sex ratio is 99.6, that is only 99.6 per 100 women men, for the first time Taiwan & other; Women more than men less & throughout; .

low singles & other; Fear marriage & throughout;

appear a large number of Taiwan & other; Kuang hatred throughout the female & male; There are many reasons: first is & other; Male not female throughout the &; The traditional thoughts of the deeply rooted problems caused by the imbalance between men and women. Second, with the improvement of girls’ level of education, more and more high to the requirement of mating, makes the difficulty is becoming more and more big, & other; Three high & throughout; A big factor is also Taiwan female left.

a senior civil servants, & other; T & throughout; Very popular word “

& other; Ideal is very plentiful, reality is bone & throughout; . Taiwanese women pay more attention to in Taiwan & other; Economic & throughout; , doctors, lawyers and other etc. T & throughout; Word generation working stability, income, the first person to become the most popular dating team. In addition to & other; T & throughout; Word generation, more than they value each other’s & other; Iron rice bowl & throughout; .

vision and the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan with

low in common: — the world’s highest

requirement is too high. China association of social work dating industry committee, director-general of tian holds that & other; The national requirement is the highest in the world. & other; Most of the west is the love between two people, the other is not important. But our country is to please everyone. Want to suitable rationality, also want to fall in love at first sight is romantic. Throughout the &; Some singles & other; Fear marriage & throughout; . Regardless of the mainland, Hong Kong or Taiwan exists on the phenomenon of high prices. In addition, with the development of the society, produced in the improvement of women’s status, & other; Three high & throughout; Has become troubled woman left a big factor.

low difference: & other; Naked & throughout; Don’t & other; Naked & throughout; Affected by the economic big

in addition to these common cause, around the specific situation is also different, such as the left male left female social tolerance, Hong Kong due to the effect of western culture, more open than the mainland and Taiwan; In & other; Be left throughout the &; Aspects of reasons, and to China & other; Home & throughout; On, due to the fast pace of life, many people choose to go home after work, Hong Kong, mainly women conditions so good, some men are reluctant to choose, Taiwan because of the long-term economic malaise, life stress, let some people & other; Can’t afford to marriage & throughout; ; When dealing with emotional and financial aspects, the mainland and Hong Kong more heavy sentiment, more women are willing to & other; Naked marriage & throughout; , and Taiwanese women and their families for male economic demand is higher.