Lovers at shanxi wooden structures Suggested that national vertical management

Tang Dahua, born in 1970, shandong, Texas college studying mechanical and electrical engineering, who now runs a computer company. In 2006 began to use spare time to visit sites, travel more than 9000 kilometers, published a large number of pictures words caused wide public concern.


the firstborn of shanxi county west yao Ming dynasty guanyin hall, main hall tile surface leakage of osteoporosis, inside water seepage, vice order several collapse, west wing basically collapsed completely.


shanxi jiexiu day dragon temple, main hall, yuan and Ming style inside painted sculpture, coloured drawing or pattern, fresco fill, now other roof caved in large area, a colorful murals in the rain for a long time will not protect.

folk lovers Tang Dahua, thus now have a better known net & ndash; & ndash; & other; Legendary love tower & throughout; . In recent years because of his own investigation and published on the Internet a lot present situation investigation of words and images, thus & other; Legendary love tower & throughout; Cause the attention of the netizens. This year, on April 18th Tang Dahua in launch & other; Seize the Shanxi Province civilization flows throughout early wood structure of ancient building survey &; After the fund-raising activities, shanxi’s endangered wood building protection cause for concern.

Tang Dahua now is in xue barbarian & in the microblog by other Ancient architecture protection trip & throughout; And from all walks of life & other; Love tower & throughout; People, has more than 100 people. They hoped that the local government to realize & other; Must be repaired & throughout; . Beijing news reporter interview recently for the non-professional civil protection, thus, a seat on the conversation he reveals the complexity of the ancient buildings protection: government earmarks and management, the folk fund raising, the continuous attention of media, the local government to carry out the strength, will determine the fate of the national treasure of ancient buildings.