Lu xun: I’m Chinese but I am very hate Chinese characters

help literature and the help literature & ndash; & ndash; In Beijing university Chinese department speech

(on November 22, 1932)

I’m not come here to have four or five years, for this case, not very familiar with, I’m in Shanghai, is not as you know. So today or tell the help of literature with the help of literature.

what about when it? From a new writer is a novel after the may fourth movement, and its reason by those who advocate new literature saw novels have very high position in western literature, and poetry as if, so like to watch fiction is not a man. But in our looks, novels is leisure, is more than wine after tea. Because rice eat too full, tea drinking too full, free up also is very really, at that time no ballroom. Late Ming dynasty, the somebody else will have the help of things exist. Who will be studying chess will draw with host read books, play chess, paint several strokes, this is called the help, also is the thin bamboo strip! So the help of literature and thin bamboo strip literature. The position of novels do thin bamboo strip. Only sima xiangru not happy in this way, often sick. As to why faking it, I don’t know. As far as opposed to the emperor for the rouble, I think is probably not, because there were no roubles. Nothing, mostly to subscribe to, the emperor’s men talk about women, talk about wine, as in the six dynasties, the founding, imperial orders do these people do declaration do cable and the so-called deep big, host a to the second generation is not busy, then detained etc. So the help of literature literature is really help.

Chinese literature from me, it seems, can be divided into two categories: (1) the imperial court of literature, this is already entered the home, not busy help a Lord, have to help a Lord of idle; And this is relative (2) the mountain forest literature, the tang poetry with the two. If use modern words, is & other; At the king’s & throughout; And & other Removable & throughout; . Behind this although a temporarily no busy can help, there is no idle in the mountains, while the heart is. So a forest in the imperial court. Can’t help the help, the in the mind is very sad.

hermit and bureaucratic closest to China, at this time of jun. My sell sugar-coated berry wouldn’t do it. Professor as I didn’t have to do, so we have to play. Back before I heard someone call Chinese literature bureaucratic literary world literature. Look really is. On the one hand is due to the literature, the less education can’t make an issue of, but on the other hand, it seems, Chinese literature and bureaucratic really close.

now probably so. But method is much more clever, as to look not to come out. Literature is the most clever today is “art for art’s sake”. This is in the may fourth movement era, was indeed revolutionary, because at that time is to & other; To load throughout the tao &; Revolution, but now it doesn’t even have the resistance. Not only no revolt, and suppress the occurrence of new literature. Dare not criticism to society, and also can’t resist, if you say you’re sorry art, therefore also become help le parker (plus) etc. Art for art’s sake party vulgar things don’t ask, but for the worldly matters such as advocates for life and art are opposed to it, such as modern review faction, they opposed to call names, but someone scold them, they also want to scold. So their task is to the executioner.

this is the trend of help and the help for a long time, I don’t advise people immediately threw the Chinese cultural relics, don’t just nothing; But if my meaning is good, compared with the mean, it seems, can be more clear: not much help or the help of literature, now make an issue of people is the help for help. Someone said that the writer is very high, I don’t believe that has nothing to do with eating problems, I’m hungry I’m going to borrow. I thought that literature related to eating problems, they can not help the help.

I am a Chinese, but I hate Chinese words, one by one party, not graduated from high school to university cannot use. University graduated from high school, it is the petty bourgeoisie, and these people doing article is pretending to be ordinary is also no way. They do not help is the help article, help or the help all eat. The petty bourgeoisie may eliminate some consciousness, help the help relationship may lose some. Such as three or four years before the revolution literature speak badly, the revolution, the revolution, revolutionary writer multipolar, government was afraid of, catch a few, and killed a few, less revolutionary literature. This is because they would help the help help. Because the revolution literature hands are full, so come and help, but the influence of the old, did not take off. Society that aspect, it seems, that there must be a ruble, because there is no how the rouble has revolutionary literature? Look so do literature, such as from the social aspect, how should be this person changes, over there to take the money.

literature is not within the scope of these two categories, also take out. If the eye looks, now is nothing, but looked from the view of history there is. Not the view of history, all have lost value. Someone to do an article of sneer at the age of woman fuck man’s money, it seems to say zhuangzi laozi don’t understand the historical materialism. The proletariat literature, not in the scope of the two, to get rid of these two range. In class should be ideal, knowledge should be so down for the society, the reform failed, therefore also tend to the proletariat literature, but with the proletariat of always different. China’s critics for help etc also lost his authority. These critics not understanding China’s history, they do not know can not be a somersault is turned upside down. Petty-bourgeois literature by old literature transformation is impossible, because China has no model. Beijing a few astronomers said: & other; I am a decline, will decline. Throughout the &; Why should abandon as for here. But critics also don’t too much, means should learn from them. Literature is call a person to see, such as fighting, no weapon, mouth bite when necessary, also should bite him, thought the dog bite with my mouth, I don’t bite, don’t need to. As a result of the literature for the help, then don’t digest, I ate beef will become like cattle.

(adapted from “the complete works” big & ndash; & ndash; In Beijing university Chinese department of speech)