Lu xun in xiamen to solve emotional knot Xu guangping writing inspiration to divorce him

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on August 26, 1926, should be old friend Lin yutang classics at the university of (then) are invited to leave Beijing, JingTianJin, Shanghai, on September 4, arrived in xiamen, xiamen university Chinese department professor at national institute. On January 16, 1927, lu xun left xiamen, take & other; Throughout the &; Ship to guangzhou. Lu xun has lived here for four months and 12 days.

4 months and 12 days, for the life of an aged 56 writer, have what kind of weight?

he made up a handout here (han literature summary “); Wrote five & other; Throughout the apprehension &; The prose (life is a moment at the back of the five article); Two short stories (” age “in” new stories “and” cast jian “); Four of his letter was later income varia “canopy set serial supplement of” & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; That’s all, in all of his works, how important is nothing.

juicy, warm climate, the political mood again not rich, wanted to stay two years

lu xun at first arrived at xiamen should be relaxed and happy, for never seen minnan custom is quite a bit excited. Settle down after a week, he send the postcards to xiamen university in guangzhou xu guangping, use * for their own home, and tell his feelings for the first hurricane. On September 18, he wrote “from herbals to sanwei bookroom, rare articles full of childlike innocence and happiness. Brother in 23 addressed to Dr Corkin (horse, xu guangping), he said & other; Beach is some shells, picked up a few times & throughout; , the children like lu xun with Beijing that constantly struggle in pain and suspicion of lu xun. & other; Near you can’t buy a new publication in Beijing or Shanghai & throughout; , this made him feel dull and lonely bored; & other; But can’t see grey smoke miasma throughout the modern review &; And he was euphoric.

then, xiamen university in the country and enlisted teacher, lu xun as a professor, a monthly salary 400 oceans. Juicy, warm climate, the political mood again not rich, LuXunBen want to stay in xiamen for two years, teaching, and other Also want to previously integrated “han test” and the ancient novel having printed. & other; These two books themselves can’t print & hellip; & hellip; Because see the person must be very few, sale, no doubt, but the rich school is appropriate. Throughout the &; (xiamen communications (3))

however, lu xun’s a little bit happy soon melted.

& other; For the first time in my life have I met one of the biggest nail is lu xun to me. Throughout the &; This is gu in his later years with blood to write down the words in the autobiography. No rancour and actually with gu lu or even any direct conflict. Is the key, gu commend for the five friends to teach at xiamen university, was enragedu by lu xun. & other; Is against the Chinese departments in Beijing, and here’s the college to get a large number of Hu Shizhi flow of Chen yuan, I feel hopeless & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; (65) and book the original letter

in lu xun’s character, naturally think that this is opponent in a debate about his & other; Hunting & throughout; , even his & other; Escape & throughout; To & other; Desert island & throughout; Don’t let go.

there may be an important reason, according to gu jiegang’s daughter Gu Chao later revealed that gu lu xun thought of Chinese fiction is one “at the risk of plagiarism, and has worked with Chen yuan about, Chen was in the press at the beginning of 1926 will be released this doubt out, caught between LuChen about & other; Plagiarism & throughout; A series of words. “Chinese fiction is one” is rather proud of academic works by lu xun (and later acknowledged masterpiece), if he know & other; Framed & throughout; The perpetrator is gu jiegang, the poor also can understand.