Lu xun love take snacks between meals Because of caring persimmon frost sugar can’t sleep at night

persimmon frost sugar delicious let always thinking, so that all can’t sleep at night, you can’t resist, get up and eat much.

a shaoxing special snacks, hall in & other; Lu xun’s favorite & throughout; The banner. Visible, lu xun’s eating, it is much famous. A ready to raise dagger, javelin soldiers, a place where heroes often, incredibly is a available? It makes one wonder also feel hospitable, attack in writing of the impression of Mr Unsmiling is unapproachable, by contrast, love to eat of lu xun is not a big brother next door?

in the “in days of yore, where lu xun once said: & other; I have at the moment, once in repeated recall childhood home to eat fruits and vegetables: water chestnut, broad beans, water bamboo, cantaloupe. All these, is extremely delicious; Had been made me homesick bewitch. Throughout the &; LuXunAi to eat, but not delicacies, big fish big meat, their same dish and ordinary citizens, often just & other; Youngest sample & throughout; : a bowl of bowel of pea seedlings, a bowl of Fried bamboo shoot pickles, a bowl of yellow croaker, in the words of xiao hong & other; Simple to the fullest & throughout; , only have a guest, will rich. Actually let lu xun has a special liking is snacks, especially sweets. This is lu xun, has long been a hobby. When studying in Japan, he favors a call & other; Sheep soup & throughout; Tea, this has nothing to do with mutton sheep soup, but & other; Made of fine adzuki bean paste, add saccharin with should call & lsquo; Bean paste sugar & rsquo; Is is to do & throughout; . After returning, zhou shuren whim, migrating at client from Japan to send food, and a diary records: & other; Afternoon to sheep soup toba home sent a cartridge, and submission for the broken. Throughout the &;

Mr Also very happy fruit. Go out for tea after a meal, drink tea and & other; Step to buy PuTao Yang’s garden, namely under the tent with her throughout the &; . Mr Unimaginable, the serious cold has bought the grape wine standing in the streets big eat, let a person in stitches. Lu xun’s diary and record: & other; Two-way YeZuo book, three pears, very sweet. Throughout the &; One breath eat three pears, I’m worried about his stomach! LuXunAi eat fruit, in the friend should be very famous, once took to the streets to buy Japanese aomori apple, meet a Japanese friend, hence being & other; Strong give a basket & throughout; , lu xun with the good mood.

lu xun’s image has been & other; Unleashing a & throughout; , in fact he has available even childish side. In 1926, lu xun as the diary immediately, revealed his eating persimmon frost sugar plot: friends from henan, lu xun gave a bag of sugar, lu xun opens a taste, & other; Cool and exquisite, it is good thing & throughout; , can’t wait to eat. Xu guangping tells him that it is famous for henan, made from persimmon frost, cold, if sounded like small sores, a cha was good. Lu xun and took down his regret at that time in words: & other; Unfortunately, she said, I have eaten more than half, hastily pack up the residual, prepare mouth sores, use it to put on the skin. Throughout the &; Is accept, but this delicious let lu xun’s thinking, so that all can’t sleep at night, you can’t resist, get up and eat half & ndash; & ndash; & other; Because when I suddenly think mouth sores are actually not a lot, it is better to eat a little fresh now, only to find one to eat, and eat more than half the & throughout; . As a child so lovely forthright and sincere, after he read a pantomime.

LuXunAi eat dim sum, in addition to buy filial piety mother, hospitable, he also often entertain guests to eat. The host, however, is different from the men and women. Initially, lu xun is equally, kingdom gentlemen really too strong combat effectiveness. Gradually, these and other CD family & throughout; Let lu a little bit wary, began to calculation, to peanuts instead. Women are just as well, & other; Their stomach seems smaller than their four 5, eight over ten or digestion to weak to & throughout; , this loss, little, & other; Calculating & throughout; Lu xun started to send personal feeling.

for the favour of snacks, lu xun has not only to record, to the cause and effect of dim sum in essays in the drawing, charting and evolution history. “Snack” mentioned in article & other; The effect, it was said that, it is in leisure, health benefits, but also taste good & throughout; Find the theoretical basis, more like snacks.

however, lu xun’s sick, & other; Do not eat nothing fell throughout the &; He even tea also don’t want to eat, of the snacks? Xu guangping end to square plate, upstairs to the full, half an hour later, and as it did not move down side. & other; We are two Mr Ma and Mr Wu ching-tzu write horse 2 so admire, wu ching-tzu throughout their own must be very chan &; This very chan & other, lu xun; 2 Mr Ma & throughout; Eventually the enemy but the tongue of the lung disease. On October 19, 1936, warrior lu xun’s work is done, put aside his dagger, javelin, leave hobby snacks eldest brother next door image, for future generations to concept, to close.