Lu xun to read excerpts from the Chinese

1, the temperament of the Chinese people are always like to reconcile the compromise, such as you said, the house is too dark, to be here to open a window, you must not allowed. But if you pull down the roof to temper, they are willing to open the window. & ndash; & ndash; “Silent China” 1927

2, children of the poor, unkempt appearance in the streets, rich kids, lich lich potential, with a sweet girlish voice at home, grow up, you are very dark in the social, like their father, or as well. & ndash; & ndash; The impression 25 1918

3, China is about is too old, everything, all is horrible, like a black dye VAT, no matter in what new things, into the dark. In addition to try again to reform, however, there is no other way, too. I see all the ideal home, not miss & other; Throughout the past &; , & other; Is the hope in the future & throughout; For & other; Now & throughout; This topic, all paid white, because who also could not open the prescription. All the best prescription for the so-called & other; Hope in the future & throughout; Is. & ndash; & ndash; Both book 1925

4, I have always thought that people are guilty, so shoot or fellow prisoners. Now know many of them, it is because the first people think & other; Abhorrent & throughout; It finally committed the crime. & ndash; & ndash; “The abominable crime” 1927

5, no matter from where, as long as it is food, Sundays is usually no need to think, admitted to eat. But failure disease, but the total is often thought of harm to the stomach, injury body, many specific prohibitions, many note; A large set of comparative interests and finally pointless reason, such as eat is just as well, and don’t eat, especially food or when beneficial, but it is advisable to investigate to don’t eat at such a time. But this kind of character always became more and more weak, lost their first flowing. & ndash; & ndash; “Look at mirror inductive 1925

6, dare not face up to various aspects of the Chinese people, with hide and cheat, create a wonderful escapeway, and think out of the way. In this way, it shows that the national character of weakness, laziness and artful slippery. Meet  day by day, namely, depravity  day by day, but think again became more and more of its glory. In fact, a national subjugation, namely to add a few loyal subjects of martyrdom, later every don’t want to drop ofblood, and to praise the only a few loyal subjects; A robbery, I make a group of women don’t insult, after the matter, also often do not think the punishing evil, self-defense, but singing that a group of women. & ndash; & ndash; “On open the see” 1925

7 beds, although Chinese thought for all kinds of utopia, but finally no implementation. But I have found for them, as you probably know, is the first prison in Beijing. This prison in xuanwu gate open, not afraid of fire in the neighborhood; Two meals per day, no worries, exposure; Living with calm, not carnage; Is solid in construction and won’t fall down; The jailer tube , won’t make; The robber is never to grab. Live in and how safe is really & other; The son of daughter sit not hall & throughout; . But one thing: the lack of freedom. & ndash; & ndash; “Beijing communications” 1925

8, China is everywhere, but invisible, like & other; Circle & throughout; In general, you can at any time & other; Touch & throughout; , can hit the wall, can touch without pain, is the winner. & ndash; & ndash; “Go to the wall after 1925

9 families, China, to teach children generally have only two kinds. One is allowed to domineer over, no matter, solid can call names, also not dozen, in front of the door or is critical, is a bully, but outside it is like lost web spider, no ability to immediately. Secondly, was given the cold shoulder or yelling, all day long than thrashing, make him afraid retreat, as a slave, a puppet, but parents euphemistically called & other; Listen & throughout; , the success of education, until they came out, then such as the temporary bearing small birds, he will never fly, nor jump. & ndash; & ndash; “Sea of children,” the 1933

10, talk to the reality, than nothing, or a kind of happiness. & ndash; & ndash; Throughout the & other grave &; words “1926

11, soldiers died when a fly is first to see his shortcomings and scars, chuai , hum their call, thought, thought is better than a dead soldier hero. But the soldier is dead, no longer to wash them. Hum their call, so the fly is particularly thinks he is immortal, because they completely, well above the warrior. Indeed, who also not seen flies the shortcomings and trauma. There are, however, the drawback of the soldiers eventually turns out to be a warrior, perfect fly, it will just fly. & ndash; & ndash; The fighter and fly 1925

12, I don’t understand why Chinese people in the old situation alone, so quiet, in a new chance so gets the frown; To already became the bureau so tension.; In the matter of the primitive so harsh? & ndash; & ndash; “This and that” 1926

13, Chinese people don’t doubt your own suspicious. & ndash; & ndash; “I’m going to lie in 1936

14, the masses, especially China ─ ─ forever is drama. Sacrifice, if appear generous, they will see the tragic drama; If appear frightened appearance (namely fear shivering), they will see the joke. Beijing  YangRouPu often have few people mouth see peel sheep, as if very happy, people sacrifice to their benefits, but so, too. Moreover it can’t walk a few steps, they and it is also have forgotten. & ndash; & ndash; The na how away after the 1926

15, my previous attack society, is also boring. Society does not know I was attack, if I know, I’m already dead gravestone of & hellip; & hellip; I was able to live, because most of them can’t read, don’t know, and I also do not have, is like an arrow into the sea. Otherwise, a few style, can die. As people’s heart of punishment, and scholars and warlords. & ndash; & ndash; The answer has permanently Mr 1927

16, I always think foreign devil than the Chinese civilization, the goods just row, while the character is to be learned, this willingness to pick their country wrong, very little Chinese. & ndash; & ndash; The 29th of both books in 1925

17, in China, especially in the city, if there are diseased fall on the ground, or roll-over Zuo hurt passers-by onlookers, or even happy people all have have been willing to stretch out his hand to help the people there was very little. & ndash; & ndash; “Experience” 1933

18, the Chinese themselves are not good at war, but not curse war. Sympathy in his true don’t want to play, but didn’t want to play other people; Although the thought of his, but I did not think of others. & ndash; & ndash; “A dream of youth is the translator sequence ii” in 1919,

19, before the request of genius, should first demand growth of people can make a genius. ─ ─ for example, want to have trees, want to watch the flower, must have a good ground; No earth, no flowers and trees; So the soil is more flowers and trees is more important. & ndash; & ndash; “No genius before 1926

20, although difficult, also to do; The more difficult, the more to be done. Reform, it is always not plain sailing, sneer at home in favour of, after seen a successful & hellip; & hellip; & ndash; & ndash; The Chinese new 1934

21 & other; It’s a pity that the Chinese show fierce beasts, but for the sheep to fierce beasts sheep are obviously, so even fierce beasts phase, are national base. So, must end. Throughout the &; & other; I think, should be saved in China, what also don’t have to add something in, as long as the young people will be old usage of these two properties, which in turn use is enough; Competitors such as fierce beasts as fierce beasts, opponent when like sheep, like sheep! Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; “Suddenly thought of. Seven 1925

22, all of China, foreign also has. Foreigners say the Chinese more bugs, but western have bugs & hellip; & hellip; If there is only one bug, and blame others, also not so comfortable & hellip; & hellip; Still had better hope others also have a bug, and finds out the better. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; The foreign also has 1933

23, & other Ever since the dawn of history, the Chinese are slaughtered, slaves, knock prey, has always been kin to humiliate and torture, oppression, the human can endure pain, also had pain, every examination, really teaches people don’t feel like to live in the world. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; The gossip of remaining after illness 1934

24, & other From living people, to rich, easily become two things: one is the ideal world, considers for people who in the same situation, has become a humanitarian; One is what is the make up his own, once upon a time, what made him feel cold, then flow for individualism. We China is probably become individualists. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; “Literature and art and politics by” 1927

25, & other Many of the lessons of history, it is with great sacrifice. Such as eating, some is can’t eat poison, we used to at all, very normal. However, must be how many people have died before, didn’t know. So I think, first to eat crab people are to admire, is not a warrior who dare to eat it? Some crabs, spiders also somebody ate, but is not good, so later don’t eat, thank you like this kind of person we when extreme. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; “Today’s two kinds of thoughts” 1932
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