Lu xun’s friend Yao Ke: once forgotten Chinese drama enabler that cannot be ignored

know Yao Ke name, in full 43 years ago, the author or senior students. At that time & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Storm swept across China, QiBenYu after the evaluation of new historical drama “hai rui dismissed from office>”, wrote his & other; Hon wen & throughout; The patriotism or traitors? & ndash; & ndash; evaluation of reactionary film “, critical pitted against movie “qing dynasty palace secret history”, film writer is Yao Ke.

33 years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the 1981 edition of “complete” letters comment work, found that lu xun’s literature youth, old age of communication Yao Ke name impressively. Existing LuXunZhi Yao Ke letters have 33 tong, one of the earliest on dated March 5, 1933 at the latest of a dated April 20, 1936. Yao Ke and lu xun is the last time the two saw each other in the same year on September 22, is lu xun’s diary of a cloud: & other; Afternoon Yao Kelai and give special copy a devil’s disciples, for this in the first 50. Throughout the &; Lu xun died after 27 days.

visible is appreciated Yao Ke by lu xun. After the death of lu xun, Yao Ke with later known as the “red star over China” world of an American journalist Edgar & middot; Snow signed laid elegiac couplet:

translation has not yet been written, surprised smell of death star, China He Renling cry;

Mr Defunct, pain rain recollect the past, the literary sense of hesitation from now on.

snow poor in Chinese, the deputy elegiac couplet when created by Yao Ke undoubtedly painful. And lu xun’s funeral, Yao Ke emcee, and ba jin, hu feng’s, Xiao Jun, Li Liewen, huang yuan, JinYi, takes the bearers for lu xun, a better Yao Ke of close relationship with lu xun.

however, after 1949, Yao Ke name quietly disappeared. In 1967, to mention Yao Ke, was buckled up & other; Traitorous socialist & throughout; The film’s name. Until & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; End, the movie “qing dynasty palace secret history” of the original & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Drama script “qing dynasty palace blame” reprint publishing, & other; As had been falsely writer Yao Ke rehabilitated, and let the work itself, to explain it is & lsquo; Traitorous socialist & rsquo; Or patriotism & throughout; .

lu xun esteem Yao Ke is justified. Yao Ke (1905-1991), formerly known as Yao Zhi, scientific name Yao Shennong. He is originally from anhui rapidly, grew up in, claiming to suzhou, old age writing clear & other; Suzhou is my hometown & throughout; . Yao Ke graduated from soochow university in suzhou literature, lifelong affinity and literature and drama. His literary career has several dimensions, each dimension. First of all, he had helped compile snow “live China & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; short stories of modern China, become friends with lu xun to translate this book. Snow called him & other; Competent partner & throughout; , & other; He is a talented young critic and playwright and essayist, and lu xun’s acquaintances & throughout; . Yao Ke not left-wing writer, but his respect for lu xun unswervingly. He wrote many articles touching an historical value the memory of lu xun’s essays, especially his “pure literature” in Taipei 1967 7th published “from vision to first & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; for thirty-one years after the death of lu xun”, sense. When Taiwan’s & other; Martial law & throughout; Does not remove, lu xun’s book is banned, it is impossible to positive about lu xun. “Pure literature” dare to break the taboo, publish lu xun oil and Yao Ke article, is out of courage Ed., Lin, Lin also said that this article & other; From the contemporary & lsquo; The article master & rsquo; Throughout the &; , & other; A rare & throughout; & other; Talk about lu xun’s text & throughout; But Yao Ke writing let the readers know Taiwan & other; The lu xun & lsquo; People & rsquo; Throughout the &; And more.

second, in July 1936, he served as WenYuanNing editor in chief of the Shanghai English journal editor “under heaven”, then the works of modern drama “thunderstorm”, kunqu opera “horse” and “fish kill home” translated into English, such as Beijing Opera and published shaw plays the devil’s protege “in Chinese translation, made fruitful work for communication between Chinese and western culture. He also served as a film star film company “tomb-sweeping day”. Anti-Japanese War broke out, Yao Ke & other; The Chinese throughout the national association of theatre anti enemies &; , participated in the Soviet union theater festival in Moscow, and to study drama at Yale university, so as to become the genuine new theatre.

Yao Ke after returning to Shanghai in the summer of 1940, a coach at st. John’s university, one side with mu fei, zuolin huang cooperation create & other; Several theater & throughout; , vigorously promote & other; An island & throughout; Play sports. He has a keen interest in for historical play, has created the “qing dynasty palace blame”, “the chu overlord” and “honey trap”, also created the modern drama “yinhai vicissitudes of life”. “Qing dynasty palace blame” directed by mu fei on July 1941, after big & other; An island & throughout; The audience welcome and for more than three months. Yao Ke later for singles publication of “the qing dynasty palace blame” written by the first-generation sequence “monologue” said:

adaptation for the historical drama, not move the historical stage; Because of the writing and compiling history textbooks are very different. House of history is all about the past records, and dramatist of interest is the dramatic story and life taste.

also stressed: time is the most severe test works. Many blockbuster drama are now forgotten. In time of trial, all the publicity, brand, famous and wit, have become useless thing in the world, only play their own true value.

card with “qing dynasty palace”, as well as Yao Ke 1948 according to the “qing dynasty palace”, based on a movie script literature “qing dynasty palace secret history” has suffered the fate of the twists, not ‘spoilers?

again, after the 1950 s, Yao Ke in Hong Kong continue to advocate to play sports, not only created a great acclaim historical play “beauty”, “QinShiHuangDi” and the modern drama “mean”, also directed a translation “thunderstorm”, wrote a large number of insightful drama and movie reviews. At the same time, he manages the united college, studying the Ming and qing dynasties drama, published a theory of the Ming and qing drama, the drama history of <> remember to China and so on paper; And study Hitchcock, o ‘neal and French modern drama, issued a “about Hitchcock and other”, “on French modern drama” and other papers, all form a word. Later he teaches at the university of Hawaii, in the meantime, translated the Arthur & middot; The death of a salesman, miller’s stage and made a profound research on li ho poetry. As a dramatist Yao Ke, is representative of the Hong Kong drama movement of 1950 s and 60 s, accomplished, but until today, all kinds of literature works is still not in Hong Kong, is obviously a serious lack of.

in November 1967, the Hong Kong body press published Yao Ke essays “sitting to forget”. & other; Sit forget & throughout; From zhuang zi’s “big master”, Yao Ke think & other; Sit forget & throughout; Is a majestic heights in zhuangzi philosophy. He committed to zhuangzi, therefore to & other; Sit forget lent & throughout; After the study. Now the old and new record “sitting forgotten jai, use & other Sit forget & throughout; As the title, & other; Old & throughout; Refers to the old Yao Ke in the 1930 s, & other New & throughout; Since the advent Yao Ke means “sitting to forget” did not rally xinwen. There are, of course, from the “sitting to forget” action chose several articles.

after the reform and opening to the outside world, in addition to reprint “qing dynasty palace blame” in June 1980, Yao Ke works never met with readers. Which we have with Yao Ke suggest separate too long! On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of lu xun, Yao Ke 20th anniversary of the death wanted to print the small volume, is not only the special mark on lu xun and Yao Ke, also hope to readers love drama and modern Chinese literature researchers focus on Yao Ke.