Lu xun’s reluctance to when referring to master: the Chinese must be out of the way

a few years ago, the online name & other; Ten Chinese master & throughout; And chosen, cause some controversy. & other; Lu xun is not referring to master & throughout; Is the focus of controversy. For lu xun selected and against lu xun selected, they can think of is lu xun to study master, but did not go to want to master lu xun would when traditional sinology.

recently through the hot air & middot; words “, said lu xun wrote for “new youth” impression of the situation. One paragraph talking about after the May 4th movement: & other; Just remember in 1921 is one of the so-called & lsquo; Nihilistic philosophy & rsquo; And hair; More generally year for Shanghai after the so-called & lsquo; GuoXueGu & rsquo; And, somehow when many people pretend to be a GuoXueGu alternate throughout the &; . I know about lu xun & other; Quintessence & throughout; With & other; National cultural heritage & throughout; Comments, but has also doesn’t remember & other; Traditional Chinese & throughout; , went through the year. An article called “the estimate & other school & throughout;” , in fact is very familiar with, only in the first issue of the journal science scale, for example, check out a lot of sand in the published articles, the & other; Nanjing & throughout; Pie & other; GuoXueGu & throughout; All & other; Estimate & throughout; And went in. As for the subsequent “& other word throughout the theory &;” Is designed Wu Mi said, is to the assessment & other school & throughout;” A supplement. Lu xun criticized such & other; GuoXueGu & throughout; , but not because of their Chinese learning foundation is not solid, but because they to & other; Traditional Chinese & throughout; To resist a new culture, even against a new punctuation. Lu xun don’t want to be & other; GuoXueGu & throughout; Not because compete with such & other; GuoXueGu & throughout; , but because the modern numerous historical lessons, & other; Weak water in ancient books, was cheated us, unheard of to foreigners: play a few times, gradually know & lsquo; The child classics written & rsquo; Seems to be useless, so reform throughout the &; . These words he said in his “impression 46”. After the end of lu xun in “the impression of 35” also wrote & other; I have a friend to say well: & lsquo; Should we save the quintessence, also must be quintessence can save us. & rsquo; Save us, is the first point. Just ask him whether save our strength, regardless of whether or not he quintessence & throughout; . He thought the old tune has already finished, the Chinese must be out of the way.

about traditional sinology in lu xun’s essay, an article “the so-called & other Chinese & throughout;” , and with the proposed is: & other; Now the outbreak & lsquo; GuoXueGu & rsquo; The so-called & lsquo; Traditional Chinese & rsquo; What is? Throughout the &; He will it boils down to two. One is & other; Merchants throughout the market-all re-print the dozens of old books make money &; , this is & other; Books of antique & throughout; , & other; Past rich & throughout; Aimed at & other; Just to amuse themselves & throughout; , this and not to say him. Businessmen to make money, it is & other; Take this profit & throughout; . Even the tea salt vendor & other; Borrow KeShu name, want to get into the past of young diehard & lsquo; The shilin & rsquo; In & throughout; . Carved by the book, and other people; Don’t recognize is yuan edition is clear version & throughout; , just & other; Antique & throughout; The & other; Antique & throughout; , the price is expensive. Students want to make money, & other; With bad paper, evil, don’t print ink & lsquo; Extracts & rsquo; What, & lsquo; Daqo & rsquo; Like to SouKuo & throughout; . These and other Traditional Chinese & throughout; Textual criticism of the book, but also & other; Typo, fragmentary sentences bullshit & throughout; , & other; It is fun with young & throughout; . The other is & other; On a metropolis infested with foreign adventurers & throughout; Of those who write & other; Very much in love & throughout; , & other Mandarin duck and butterfly throughout; The literary giant, & other; And fantasy day open, salt merchants, dealers also learned to get out of thin air into & lsquo; GuoXueGu & rsquo; The team went to & throughout; . It could be called fashion, hard to avoid of myself. Before this, lu xun has “& other to shock the hard & throughout;” Autumn, said is lihan, can make such & other; The mandarin duck butterfly & throughout; Send the writer to & other; GuoXueGu & throughout; The emergence of & other; The fact is the doghouse & throughout; In the example. Lu xun in the so-called & other Chinese & throughout;” At the end of wrote: & other; Try to double in the history of the scholars’ circle and beautiful preach “, but there is a will be used when the antique learned scholar, but there is a white down the reimbursement of reading as the teachers of the law? Throughout the &; So on, those who say is not only & other; GuoXueGu & throughout; , and it is & other; Chinese hot & throughout; The & ndash; & ndash; In fact, & other; And there are many people pretend to be a GuoXueGu & throughout; Namely, & other GuoXueGu & throughout; And can & other; Throughout the outbreak &; , is itself & other; Chinese hot & throughout; A kind of embodiment.

these articles of lu xun, written 90 years ago, now read, turns out to be a new feeling. I don’t know the praise the vitality of lu xun’s essays, or exclamation history the cross-century joke with us?