Lu xun’s two wife Juan and xu guangping, different identity the same fate

in 2011, flying an unusually busy week. Zhou Haiying this year, his father died, in take care of things at the same time, he also planning father before photography exhibition; This year is the 130th anniversary of the lu xun office according to his grandson, also want to complete unfinished wishes father & ndash; & ndash; Promote the publication of lu xun’s large corpora; In addition, weeks to fly has also spread the burden of lu xun’s culture, by different segmentation grow shorter period in 2011, he passed between large and small cities at home and abroad.

weeks to fly was born in 1953, he has been for 17 years, lu xun’s grandfather died Zhou Haiying become a link between lu xun and his father. In weeks to fly memories, my father always in talk casually mention of lu xun, love has never joke is one of the distinctive features of grandpa, this and high school textbook described & other; Lu xun & throughout; Totally different.

Zhou Haiying has said that he is in a & other; People throughout field &; Grew up in the environment, like a magnetic field, he was the & other; People throughout field &; Controls. & other; Others speak of I, will always be & lsquo; Lu xun’s son Zhou Haiying & rsquo; . I want to write, write articles, can’t say the wrong thing, do something wrong, if I am a little line, someone will criticize & lsquo; Lu xun’s son done wrong & rsquo; . People can go to play CARDS, play, but I can’t. Throughout the &;

and father, weeks to fly also grew up in different eyes. When I was young, at school, we all like to see rare animals clinging to the window to see him. Every time learn to lu xun’s text, students will be a face of envy ground to say: & other; Is your grandpa. Throughout the &; Listen to many, weeks to fly in the heart of feel strange, always want to escape.

lu xun in the last period of the life to relatives in the prose “dead” seven will, he writes in his article 4: forget me, tube life & ndash; & ndash; If not, it is really a idiot.

but, no one can forget, no one can escape.

Juan and xu guangping: different identity same fate

in Zhou Haiying memory, the mother plenty of Juan to call & other; Juan ms & throughout; .

Juan is lu xun’s original lady, she is a woman, short stature, illiterate and feet when lu xun and study medicine in Japan, and other He is not understand love & throughout; . Because got a call from home cable in Japan, said his mother was dying, lu xun decided to return. Home, he found the room has been repaired, new furniture, all the wedding arrangement have been out, just wait for him to come back to do the groom. Since lu xun to subject to the meaning of the mother, then have to sacrifice personal will, silently accepted.

lu xun walked like a puppet ceremony this a series of problems, but he has done very refuse newlyweds, out of the bridal chamber, sleep in the mother’s room. After getting married, he seldom to outsiders in their marriage life, only for friends Xu Shou petticoats said a hard word: & other; My mother gave me a gift, that is all I can to support it, love is what I don’t know. Throughout the &; The fourth day after marriage, lu xun went with two brother zhou zuoren Japan, left the mother on his woman.

on March 12, 1925, died, this turmoil is uncertain situation happening again. , a day after lu xun, received a letter from a special letter to bemoan the darkness of Beijing education status quo, as full of anxiety and anguish words ask lu xun: & other; What is the way to add some sugar in the bitter medicine, sugar is not bitter? Throughout the &; It was signed at the end of the letter: & other; He instructed a pupil xu guangping & throughout; .

xu guangping is panyu, guangdong in recent 20 years younger than lu xun, enthusiastic about social movement, she was so admire lu xun, in front of young female students xu guangping, lu xun also began to become soft.

after the break through secular finally come together, xu guangping wrote the prose poem: a passionate there or not, a homogeneous or heterogeneous, legal or illegal or & ndash; & ndash; All of this has nothing to do with us, but for you it doesn’t matter!

this lu xun showed his can be love.

at the end of 1926, lu xun, leaving the university, miss xu guangping, in guangzhou on a & a other Xu & throughout; Word of the tombstone, send it to her.

in 1932, lu xun into him with the letters of xu guangping, title “two books”, and specify the said HaiYing son grow up, such as reserved for memorial.

after the death of lu xun, Xu Guang common were invited to writing all kinds of memories, nor did her story no anecdote irreparably, but because the protagonist is lu xun, was seriously.

from lu xun’s mother died, Juan livelihoods has been borne by xu guangping in Shanghai. Even so, Juan impoverished life, she listen to the advice of zhou zuoren, lu xun decided to sell books. Zhou zuoren has made out the library catalog, Beijing prepared to entrust to embalm pavilion for sale.

on August 25, 1944, the new China’s newspaper published this information later, xu guangping, Shanghai cultural progressives, and lu xun’s many friends all attempts to dissuade him, in the face of Beijing Shanghai aspects to persuade people, Juan than excited: & other; You always say lu xun’s legacy, to save, to save! I also am lu xun relic, you also have to save save me! Throughout the &;

Juan with xu guangping, with & other; Mrs Lu xun & throughout; Identity and existence, but lived a life not the same.

Zhou Haiying: my report card

& other; I am surprise come to die. The reason is that mother and father contraceptive failure. Throughout the &; Zhou Haiying in his memoir of lu xun and in 70 I wrote the opening. Since xu guangping is older mothers, delivery time is very difficult, in response to a doctor & other; Stay or leave the child’s adult & throughout; Questions, lu xun’s decisive choice for adult, the result is left of children and adults, because the child was born in Shanghai, so the name: HaiYing.