Luoyang man self-built museum exhibits more than thousands of rare insurance (FIG.)

insurance culture inside the museum display

Beijing, luoyang, July 26 (Reuters) (door gildan wang shuai) henan luoyang Zhang Tianfu 57 year old man, leaning on his meager strength, more than 20 years ahead unswervingly to drip into family insurance culture museum collection, collection have insurance object of moral and reflect the historical and cultural evolution of thousands of pieces, shows the development history of hundred years our country insurance industry. It is reported, the pavilion is rare in China.

on July 25, reporters in the city of luoyang in the old town ordinary three-bedroom homes, the insurance culture museum. 90 square, the house is decorated antique people rich items on display, with insurance implication of ancient pottery, jade, bronze ware, porcelain, furniture and other auspicious objects, and insurance related items from the historical and cultural evolution, such as newspapers, books, insurance policy, stock, (AD), Shanghai yuefen brand poster printing paper (tax), stamps, badges, spark, tickets, posters, magnetic card, calligraphy and painting, video, etc., a total of ten thousands of pieces of a variety of categories. According to the insurance of the historical and cultural evolution, the museum got the eight galleries, involving insurance thought in ancient China, insurance mascot, bud late qing dynasty, during the period of the republic of China national insurance, China people’s insurance, reform and opening period of insurance, insurance, calligraphy and painting works, etc.

& other; The ancients like praying through artifacts, so as to express everything goes well with vision. Throughout the &; Owner Zhang Tianfu pointed to a song dynasty & other Good screen & throughout; Introduces to the reporter said: & other; This is actually reflects human civilization on the most primitive, the simplest insurance idea. Throughout the &;

& other; You see, this is a qing dynasty policy 15 years, design is the traditional format, danger is planted for fpa, concise content, with premium rate making, document number, from shipment to the place of receipt if there is any accident shall be dealt with in accordance with clause. Documents with rice paper, strong toughness, moistureproof prevent fold, with the basic properties of the long-term preservation. This is seven years of the republic of China’s policy, content and format the entire document format basically follows the policy of the late qing dynasty, but also increases the matters needing attention and so on several additional content, more perfect and specification & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

listen Zhang Tianfu charting the introduction, like watching the mottled antique collection, revealed to reporters Zhang Tianfu ardent love and original ideas about the insurance.

Zhang Tianfu 57 years old this year, when the educated youth, enlisted as a soldier, has been engaged in insurance work later. Beginning in 1984, in line with the love of the insurance industry, the start bit by bit collection items about insurance. Some work, some specialized supporting family and friends, ran to antique market purchase. Spent Zhang Tianfu collect these items, most of the time and energy, has neglected to family care, had hit a wall, due to borrow money to buy old policy around friends and family’s opposition, but he insisted on down under pressure. Now, although he humbly said, would not,, but each collection for him is very precious, all of his efforts.

accumulated for many years, plus careful arrangement, in April 2011, Zhang Tianfu insurance culture museum is open to society. Some valuable policy during the qing dynasty, the republic of China was framed and hung on the wall, but there are still quite a number of collections because nowhere to put has not been on display.

& other; Standing in front of the exhibits, feel very tiny, history is very heavy. Throughout the &; Zhang Tianfu regrets ground say, pavilion under construction in the process of their understanding of China insurance culture a new curiosity and, know more than the more, the more feel small. & other; Because the collection site content and exhibition hall, the museum shows content is only part of the insurance in our country history cultural a drop in the ocean. Throughout the &;

the museum for more than a year, there are a few insurance professionals volunteer from the obligation to explain, there are also many enthusiasts to the museum relics donated insurance, this let Zhang Tianfu very gratified.

interview, Zhang Tianfu tells a reporter, in the case of the conditions are ripe, he also want to be fine finishing of collection insurance culture content, at the same time make the museum go global roadshow, let more people know, inheritance insurance culture and history. The