Luoyang tang murals revealed tombs The ancients wear nepotism wave point pet dog party


the archeologists are cleaning up mural tomb, the tomb chamber to suborbicular.

staff copy murals.

the tomb had been a thief robbed, so few unearthed cultural relics.

in the tomb murals and brick carvings in combination with very perfect.

/trainee journalist Duan Wei flower article figure

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recently, luoyang institute of cultural relics and archaeology in basic construction in cooperation with the property company found a tomb murals. Preliminary judgment, the era of the tomb of the tang dynasty for a period. Tombs of brick and murals with perfect, reflects from tang to song tombs on the shape, murals content change. On the walls of women wearing a dress with a small broken flower, small dot pattern, with a pet dog to attend the banquet, rich life breath.

【 brick & other met & throughout; murals 】 perfect combination of plane and solid

12 in the morning, the reporter arrived at the city of luoyang xigong district of city road, north of 310 national road on the east side of the tomb murals. At the scene, the archaeologists are murals for copying. Reporter saw, the tomb assumes the circular, consists of two parts, brick carvings and paintings. Facing the aisle of a brick is in the shape of the gate door handles and locks lifelike, a window on each side. The mural painting in the tomb were drawn on has 16 people, including women and door figure, attached figure, household environment, figure, etc. Characters are flat murals, tables and chairs, candlestick, etc are based on solid brick carvings, brick carvings of plane murals with solid combination is very perfect.

& other; Through the tombs structure and murals content, clothing and other aspects of analysis, we speculate that the tombs of s in the late tang period. Throughout the &; Field archaeology expert says, similar to the shape of tombs in luoyang had found before, but the brick mural and so perfect, are relatively rare. The tomb reflects from tang to song dynasty tombs, murals content on the shape of a change.

the burial by the pyramid-shaped mound, tunnel, the tomb of three parts, pyramid-shaped mound as the terraced slopes, 13.85 meters long; The tomb to suborbicular, north and south 4.9 meters in diameter. Because the tombs were stolen one is serious, the tomb only remaining half part, tile has all been revealed to take, the scene was interred theft, unearthed a kaiyuan TongBao and only a few pieces of pottery pieces.

& other; Mural damage is very serious, 0.2 to 1.38 meters high, more than some people only one leg, some only one foot. Throughout the &; Archaeological experts said regretfully.

dress & other wave point throughout skirt &;] The ancients life very fashionable

& other; The ancients death things such as life, these pictures are all reflects the life scene. Throughout the &; Field archaeological personnel, pointing to one of the attached drawings, the picture painted five women, including four basic intact, painted exquisite technique, vaguely can see rosy, hair can be clearly seen. They are holding a musical instrument, including the pipa, flute and so on, in brick table for drinking. Are brick glass, hip and a plate of peaches on the desk, and a woman standing behind the table, leaving only the remnants of a skirt, with a black dog. & other; Feasts, Musical Instruments, such as pet, reflecting the popular life scenes between lady at that time. Throughout the &;

In the murals of the

a few woman’s clothing attract attention: a woman wear red bottom is white dot clothes, has in recent years, are very popular with girls fashion clothing & ndash; & ndash; Wave point skirt; Another woman wear red flower skirt, also similar to today’s popular clothing. & other; Now fashionable element, thousands of years ago, China’s ancient people had to wear in the body. Throughout the &; Archaeological experts say.

a picture, a woman in red index finger to move the burning wick; Another picture, a woman to open a box. According to staff, these murals and brick carvings of scene although incomplete, but the flavor of life, to understand the life custom, the ancients’ study of the period of the tomb shape, funeral customs, clothing, such as economic conditions provided valuable materials.

& other; Mural began copying from half a month ago, is expected to end of this week. Copy is in preparation for the mural after repair. Throughout the &; Staff said that after the copy, will to jie, mural to the indoor professional repair.