LuXunZhi Zhou Haiying son out of print image representation before and after the founding of the people (FIG.)

Zhou Haiying (1929-2011)

nerve (1949 & middot; Shanghai)

fit (1950 & middot; Shanghai)


the son of the lens reappear before and after the founding of the people

after nearly a year of preparation, Shanghai duolun modern art museum, Shanghai culture development center sponsored by lu xun & other Throughout early Zhou Haiying exhibition &; Opened recently in Shanghai duolun of modern art. The exhibition is mainly presented Zhou Haiying camera pictures the life of the people of the underlying; In addition, in 1948, guo moruo, Li Jisheng Democrats, north sail from Hong Kong to participate in the new China’s first political consultative conference, Zhou Haiying is the only image recording the historical events, the photos also become XinZhengXie literature & other; GuZheng & throughout; . Since the first exhibition in 2008, Zhou Haiying works is well received by the flood, but his eldest son weeks to fly again and again stressed: & other; Please don’t say Zhou Haiying is & lsquo; Photographer & rsquo; This is not my father’s original intention. Throughout the &;

Zhou Haiying (1929-2011) : lu xun and xu guangping only one son, from 1952 to 1960 in Beijing university department of physics learning radio. Since 1960, the state administration of radio, film and television work. On April 7, 2011, died in Beijing in the morning.