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history silent and objects. This antique theory and enjoyable to read. Ma did not collection, the collection is not just a cultural relic, but also a kind of culture, a wisdom of life. The charm of our civilization is difficult to use language to express, no matter who, in front of vast Chinese civilization, seem small and insignificant.

he wrote novels, 20 famous; He write drama, the story of the editorial, “hippocampus ballroom” let him fame and fortune; His collection to play, not only built China’s first private museum of renowned Chinese and foreign, and for decades he unexpectedly to the grassroots of the body with national experts formed the cultural relics appraisal of tripartite confrontation. He is ma did not! His collection with the Buddhism deeply. Since the early 1980 s, he began to collect the ancient Chinese art, the collection includes ceramics, jade, ancient furniture, lacquer, Jin Shuqi, etc. In 1997, ma did not create the new China’s first private museum & ndash; & ndash; After the museum, is equipped with furniture, ceramic pavilion, pavilion pavilion, Windows and doors pavilion, photography, painting and multi-function hall seven pavilion.

“drunken civilization”, is another ma did not about collection culture, the book is divided into four parts, the covering porcelain, jade, furniture, lacquer, root carving, and other categories of cultural relics, and, in the form of the reader to a more than 100 kinds of different styles, extremely has the collection value, vividly tells the story of the one hundred – year history of the legend behind the treasure, let people deeply appreciate the history and culture of the Chinese nation to the extensive and profound. History in the author’s story, as if is quite near to us, within easy reach of the texture details, and through time and space, let a person carefree dripping wet, synonym. Nearly 200 pictures of image matching, leading the reader into the porcelain, jade, lacquer, chrysanthemum pear, cloisonne, snuff bottles, root carving art of the world such as cultural relics. Recently, Mr Ma did not accept the new financial reporter’s interview.

collection, has nothing to do with the money

30 years, a lot of reason is that I genuinely love, has nothing to do with money.

new financial: since the 1980 s, you began to collect artifacts in ancient China. Collection of charm, let you do is a 30 years?

ma did not: I have been saying, like our own culture and history all need to speak with evidence. Cultural relics is proof, it can tell you what we had history, history had a highly. Height has a lot of kinds, the first is the height of the science and technology; The second is the height of the civilization. In fact we all previous dynasties is a product of political society. I like the idea of cultural relics, to a great extent is an objective historical process of verification. Historical layers by the curtain hanging on, when you have the ability to put this layer upon layer when the curtain went up, you will see the last line of the screen is politics. When you read the political clearly, you will see the Chinese history. This is also I am fond of cultural relics, the purpose of the collection of cultural relics.

30 years, a lot of reason is that I genuinely love, has nothing to do with money.

new financial: you once said of collection and collectors, & other; Heart, it is a economic & throughout; , & other; Heart not materialistic, is autumn sky ji sea; Sit pianology, becomes stone Dan hill. Throughout the &; What do you think of collection to improve a person’s mental state what role?

ma did not: I think life is that I can think, some people think earlier, some later, the weakest of death should also be figured it out. We are in the face of the antiquities, feel oneself is small. Any thing, all live hundreds of years, people can live how long?

new financial: what is the most taboo collection?

ma did not: the most taboo is greed. I do TV shows, the purpose is to use culture, aims to be plainly. Not everyone can understand the living. It is very easy, but really can do understand much inside. So show slogan was & other; Culture and understand life & throughout; . The show went well, so out of the book “drunken civilization”, the book is not only these things said antiques, speak a lot more sense. I never ask money, I don’t want to and what people say about money, it is very boring.

new financial: & other; The rule & throughout; And & other Drilling & throughout; Experience you have, how do you treat mood changes resulting from these experiences?

ma did not: I think these are very normal. Encounter in life it is good or bad. There is no such thing as a person of all is good, no one of that is a bad thing. Is nothing but a kind of life experience. There may be a worry or something when I was younger, but now this mindset entirely absent. How much do how much, we can do is done, the money is also earn not over, what is the ultimate function of money, must want to clear.

museum, the ending of the collection of

the museum, is the collection of an end. Work if there is no end, then better not to do.


new concept of the museum is the new China’s first private museum. Your initial set up museum of art of allusion restoring ancient purpose is? You once said, your wish is to make the view as soon as possible after the museum socialization, standardization, form good operating mechanism, and finally fully to society. Is that so?

ma did not: collection to me this is a private matter, can be gradually became a business. To establish the purpose of the museum is to find a final place to cultural relics, ultimately it is the wealth of the society. From a commoner do now achievement, is the historical opportunity to me. I have a lot of cultural relics is bought in tianjin. Why did many of tianjin cultural relic, the Beijing cultural relics less? The root cause of the things are. Beijing early too strict, and allowed to trade in tianjin. So in north China, northeast China things & other Run & throughout; To tianjin, Beijing, such as cultural relics market

note: ma did not, collecting experts, after founder and current director of the museum, CCTV “lecture room” the speaker, the state council information office “created” columnist and experts.