Macao squelching soap opera as the prime minister’s office Cover the naked body with flags

a few days ago, in the current female prime minister Julia gillard as the prototype of situation comedy to sex theme spoof prime minister prime minister at home, this episode is not broadcast, has caused quite a stir. This soap opera episode invented a gillard and partner in the prime minister’s office, later still use flag when the quilt cover (see chart). Although the plot of the large-scale busy so many officials, but she was surprisingly calm, she just said & other; I’m sure I won’t see this episode & throughout; .

flag covered naked body

this sitcom broadcast in the private sector of the Australian broadcasting corporation, among them, as the prime minister Julia gillard actress on the prime minister’s office desk with her boyfriend, later more cover naked body, with Australia’s national flag with partner snuggled up lying on the ground.

this should have been in the broadcast of the TV series has 21 nights in Australian politics cause collective attack, but the Canadian press reported, many lawmakers slammed because not only & other; Stand out & throughout; Plot, and a lot of people seem to think it & other; Obscene throughout the Australian flag &; , some even offered to cuts in government funding to the Australian broadcasting corporation. In closed session of congress, the conservative opposition national party lawmakers forrest pointed out that the practice of television beyond the tolerance of the bottom line, he asked when the television broadcast in the formal delete this plot.

is also involved in the comedy of Macao assistant goods phase shao was also hurried out said: & other; The prime minister and the national flag like this, I personally think it’s super cheap. Throughout the &; In this soap opera, gillard’s small hounds to shao name, and it always stays in his feet, inseparable, this let many people to understand is the irony of shao’s political ambitions.

for the criticism, the Australian broadcasting corporation all fight back. TV spokesman think related picture not & other; Hot passion & throughout; , but shows the gillard & other; Wen wan soft & throughout; Image, and now that the reality in many places people are wrapped the flag in the body, so the prime minister with flag & other; Expression of patriotism & throughout; Also there is nothing wrong with this.

& other; I’m sure I won’t see this episode & throughout;

for these disputes, gillard doesn’t seem to be going to personally involved. Yesterday in an interview, she said quietly, & other; I won’t see this episode, I do not intend to make any comments. I have more important things in my head. Throughout the &;

according to introducing, gillard had showed great enthusiasm to this sitcom, she even allow producers to enter her residence in Canberra shot. On September 7, TV shows, in the first episode of Julia gillard in nz and empty message said: & other; Believe that knowing my friends know I am a very humorous person, so I’m looking forward to when I see this on my comedy can also laughing. Throughout the &;

gillard is a heterogeneous in Australian politics can calculate. She is Australia’s first female prime minister, is also the first unmarried couples into the prime minister’s official residence of the prime minister. She get along with the barber boyfriend Tim matheson for many years, but never married.