Madoff, 46, the eldest son with a dog chain hanging before death to give her a mail “I love you”

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madoff’s eldest son, mark, the dog and the dog chain.

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with & other; Madoff & throughout; Surname to survive for two years mark & middot; Madoff, 11 in the morning in his suicide. This is one day, his father caught the second anniversary of the day. When mark suicide, is he asleep in the other room just 2 years old son.

even though he has died, but on behalf of the victim’s lawyers said they would continue to punish by madoff and his family hidden secret money, make up for the loss of Mr Madoff’s fraud victims. According to report of xinhua news agency

11, New York City police say financial swindler Bernard & middot; Madoff’s eldest son mark & middot; Mr Madoff’s suicide in an apartment in New York on the day.

on suspicion of involvement in his father’s financial fraud, mark had repeatedly under investigation and has been charged. His lawyer says Ma Keyin unbearable pressure to choose to end life.

New York police spokesman Paul & middot; Brown said, the mark of a relative of the 11 local time 7 at around 20 when 30 points (Beijing time) call the police, said mark soho in Manhattan hanged herself in an apartment.

the investigators and the coroner rushed to the apartment, identify the cause of death and a related investigation.

& other; The police are investigating the deaths, (the) mark & middot; Mr Madoff. Throughout the &; The police said.

mark lawyer Martin & middot; Eph gave baum later in the day issued a written statement, confirmed that the incident, & other Mark & middot; Madoff today end his life & throughout; .

a not willing publicly to name the justice department officials described, mark hung & other; Tools & throughout; For a dog chain. This chain hanging on a pipe in the bedroom ceiling.

mark, 46, and his wife Stephanie had two sons. Before his suicide and 2 year old the second son lives in New York, and Stephanie and 4 year old son lives in Florida.

a not willing publicly to name the judicial officials told the Associated Press that the mark on the evening of 10 to wife two emails, one is told her & other; I love you & throughout; ; Another is to her & other; To find people to take care of son & throughout; . This let her worry. Stephanie’s father the next morning to the apartment to visit children.

Stephanie’s father found at that time, mark’s body hanging in a bedroom, little grandson in another bedroom sleeping.

madoff’s lawyer, IRA & middot; Lee & middot; Sorkin said, “this incident is & other; Huge tragedy & throughout; , but declined to say whether already will tell the news to Mr Madoff. Mark’s mother, Ruth’s lawyer, Peter & middot; Check, Kim said in a statement by E-mail, Ruth & other; Heart & throughout; .

, a spokesman for the department of justice bureau of prisons Tracy & middot; Than’d said, is not yet clear whether madoff learned that her son’s death and can be allowed to attend the funeral.

he wrote to his wife: I love you. Have someone to take care of son

he wrote to his wife: I love you. Have someone to take care of son

as it happens, mark the day of suicide is madoff were arrested the second anniversary.

the 72 – year – old madoff, a former nasdaq stock market, chairman of the board of directors of the company, in the past nearly 20 years director & other; Ponzi scheme & throughout; , involving tens of billions of dollars. He were arrested on December 11, 2008, in June the following year by securities fraud, money laundering crime was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

mark and his brother Andrew previously worked for his father’s investment securities company, life of luxury. Case after exposure, two people surveyed many times.

a commissioned by a court of law, is responsible for madoff bankruptcy liquidation of the company’s assets custodian last year to Mr Madoff’s brother Peter, two sons and daughter shanna filed a civil lawsuit, accusing them of withholding the madoff fraud and huge benefit, should & other; Spit out & throughout; Unjust enrichment to compensate the victim investor losses.

mark et denied the allegations, argues that the madoff fraud.

the American media reported in February, the New York prosecutors are investigating Mr Madoff’s brother and two sons of tax evasion.

a person familiar with the mark of life source told Reuters that for the past two years, mark has never talk with his father, once worried about criminal charges and upset, almost collapsed.

mark’s lawyer, gave baum says, these and other False accusations and innuendo & throughout; Bring his client & other; Constant pressure & throughout; , the parties concerned and therefore choose to suicide.

press, gave baum, mark is & other; Ponzi scheme & throughout; The & other; Innocent victims throughout the &; .

the Associated Press, mark madoff’s wife Stephanie had followed her name, but she in February request the court to change her surname, and two children on the grounds that they felt ashamed because of Mr Madoff’s financial fraud and repeatedly threatened.

these two years, he has been forced & other; Spit out & throughout; Unjust enrichment

he is dead,

search & other; Hide money & throughout; Efforts will continue to

the victims of the madoff ponzi scheme, said mark’s death they were not to gloat, but they think that all his transgressions are the result of the madoff.

& other; To Mr Madoff, I can not care to kill him, he is a criminal. Throughout the &; Hilda, a 93 – year – old & middot; Senna cheated us $800000, ho & other; However, his poor son must have been fed up with all this. How can you live with Mr Madoff’s name is? Throughout the &;

others have similar ideas. 67, 67 – year – old rose cheated & other; It looks a bit like a Greek tragedy. Throughout the &;

& other; I can’t forget because anyone’s death has occurred. Throughout the &; And he said, & other; I can’t imagine he endured the pressure. He has a madoff this name, he can’t escape. His father must be responsible for this tragedy. Throughout the &;

button, 49, lost all their savings in the madoff scam, now have to 7 heaven and earth to work in a week. & other; This won’t solve anything. Throughout the &; She said, & other But the pain of his experience with us is not the same. Throughout the &;

on behalf of the victim’s lawyer Helen & middot; Whitman says, & other; I didn’t see any mark know evidence of fraud. Throughout the &;

although mark is dead, but on behalf of the trustee madoff scam victims, said madoff and his family & other; Hide money & throughout; Efforts will not stop. Responsible for one of the lawyer Gary & middot; Reisman said that he didn’t know mark is submitted to the government which about madoff of evidence of cheating. But, he said, no matter how to help the victims find investment efforts should not stop.