Madonna youth smoking nude will make appraisal 5000 euros (FIG.)

according to Britain’s the sun newspaper reported on April 23, Madonna the auction in New York sexy photos taken by your own when he was young. She took a cigarette in the photo naked lying on the bed, all show charm and temptation.

Madonna was shot at 32 years old this photo, her blond hair in the photo with brunet eye shadow, youth and beauty. When she stretched her body, a sheet cleverly concealed her lower body private location. She looked at the camera, eyes filled with tease, coated with nail polish jade refers to clip a cigarette was sent to the mouth. Charming, sexy, suggestive and temptation is Madonna play to get incisively and vividly.

this photo is by the famous photographer Stephen? Messer taken in 1990. But the shooting is completed, the photo is not included in the nude photo of Madonna’s controversial 1992 “Sex”. Next month, the photo will be in New York state Hans auction, the auction house is expected to take out more than 5000 euros.