Magazine called “Zhen Huan” should read “zhen xu ā n” hundreds of millions of people mispronounce

s “speaking like a book released yesterday & other; In 2012 the top ten Chinese errors & throughout; : & other; Throughout the &; & other; Drunken driving & throughout; Mixed, & other; Wife & throughout; Used as a claim to

since 2006, “speaking like a book” editorial board will be released at the end of the year & other; Annual top ten Chinese errors & throughout; To correct people often make when & other; The language errors & throughout; And from the perspective of a retrospect of the hot issues. Yesterday, “speaking like a book” the editorial published & other; In 2012 the top ten Chinese errors & throughout; Read contains the wrong word & other; Yeast & throughout; And the media often confuse & other; Drunken driving & throughout; And & other Drunken driving & throughout; Often mistake, and stars, such as big S misused & other; Wife & throughout; And so on. By hundreds of millions of Chinese people mispronounce & other; Zhen 嬛 & throughout; The & other; 嬛 & throughout; Word (should read xu ā n), because of its practicality is not high eventually escaped the daily & other; Ten & throughout; List, “speaking like a book editor Hao Mingjian joked, & other; The somebody else will take in the second quarter, not cold water. Throughout the &;

a & other; Chinese public class & throughout;

in Hao Mingjian view, & in each other. 10 the language errors & throughout; Is to give a lesson on the Chinese public, see which read words in the wrong, wrong. For all kinds of & other; The language errors & throughout; Emerge in endlessly, in speaking like a book editor Hao Mingjian point of view, it has to do with modern people’s language attitude, & other; Mainly manifested in four aspects, and many vulgar language attitude, tune, not bian, meaning not disorderly, standard; About language, many people feel that the interest is supreme; Lack of traditional culture; Standard and indifferent. Throughout the &; This year’s top ten Chinese mistakes, respectively is:

a, when talking about news events, often used & other; Throughout fermentation &; The word, such as & other; The diaoyu islands dispute again throughout fermentation &; . & other; Throughout fermentation &; The & other; Yeast & throughout; Often misread as xio. Hao Mingjian yesterday, said that since 1985, issued the variant pronunciation in mandarin word ShenYinBiao “, & other; Yeast & throughout; Jio system pronounce it will not be read xio. But for decades, has repeatedly been mispronounced the word.

2, reported in the huangyan island events, the media many times & other Lagoon & throughout; Mistake is & other; Lagoon & throughout; . Last year’s earthquake in Japan, has the Japanese name & other; Niigata throughout the &; Mistake is & other; Niigata throughout the &; ; And this year & other; Lagoon & throughout; Mistake is & other; Lagoon & throughout; . & other; Lagoon & throughout; Sound x, meaning for the land of salt water immersion; & other; Lagoon & throughout; Because of a shallow bay bay mouth is formed by the deposition of sediment blocking resistance xie lake, and in the case of coral reef into bodies of water. Huangyan island lagoon, belongs to the latter. Because & other; Xie & throughout; The traditional Chinese & other; Xie & throughout; With & other; Lagoon & throughout; Form close, cause misreading of misuse.

3, mo yan’s “song of a young garlic shoot heaven” is often mistaken for paradise garlic moss’s song. & other; Moss & throughout; , garlic, leek, rapeseed and other growth to a certain stage in the central part of the grow slender stems; & other; Moss & throughout; Refers to the type of bryophytes. Someone think & other; Moss & throughout; Is & other; Moss & throughout; The & character, so that other Young garlic shoot & throughout; Writing & other; Garlic moss & throughout; .

4, in the use of traditional Chinese characters, & other; The queen & throughout; The & other; After & throughout; Is often mistaken as & other Before and after & throughout; The & other; After & throughout; . A mistake, in the calligraphy and advertisements of the past. This year, honorary President of the China academy of painting and calligraphy art Zhao Qinghai will write & other Best actress & throughout; The word of the vertical shaft scene to film star kuei ya-lei, due to the scene by the TV coverage, caused wide influence in society.

5, was reported catching Zhou Kehua news, some of the media is not appropriately called Zhou Kehua & other; Headshot elder brother & throughout; Ke zhou, said huawei & other; Headshot elder brother & throughout; , it is no doubt that cruel to a smile.

6, female star wrong & other; Wife & throughout; . In July 2012, the big S issued a tweet said: & other; The husband of catering services can toward a direction of development, wife and have a splendid! Throughout the &; Netizen comment in succession at the moment. & other; Wife & throughout; Is a self depreciatory expression, is the old man discovereth their wives to others, big S obviously wrong. Make similar mistakes and host zhu & other; My father & throughout; Example, in 2007, he had said to the guest MAO xinyu, in the show & other; Passed away not long ago, MAO anqing, first of all, lamented the death of XiangGuFu. Throughout the &; While & other; My father & throughout; The self depreciatory expression should be according to their fathers.

seven, in legal news reports, and other Bars & throughout; A word that is often mistaken for & other; * & throughout; . Zhang mo son in a film star zhang guoli this year because of the drugs and apology said in a statement on behalf of the son & other; Now once underpinned again, can not have a replacement to the public throughout the &; , & other; Bars & throughout; Read ln ɡ y incarnation, mean jail. & other; * & throughout; Read HLN, means complete and whole.

eight, news reports in the traffic safety, and other Drunken driving & throughout; & other; Drunken driving & throughout; Entanglements. In October 2012, zhi-wen wang drunk driving in the streets of Shanghai was found, when a lot of media coverage, regard & other Drunken driving & throughout; Mistakenly said & other; Drunken driving & throughout; . & other; Drunken driving & throughout; Is drunk driving, per 100 ml of alcohol content in blood of more than 20 mg but less than 80 mg; & other; Drunken driving & throughout; Is drunk driving, refers to each 100 ml of blood alcohol content is equal to or greater than 80 mg. The two different legal consequences.

9, when talking about the diaoyu islands dispute between China and Japan, often on the network & other; Brother happy on wall & throughout; Miss as & other Brother gap in the wall & throughout; . In 2012, in view of the diaoyu islands, China and Taiwan have adopted a series of measures. Many people like to quote & other; Brother happy on wall, royal its threat throughout the &; To illustrate the current situation, but many people can’t write & other Happy & throughout; Words, someone accidentally into & other; Gap & throughout; And people into & other; Having & throughout; . & other; Happy & throughout; X, for a fight.

10, in the use of Chinese characters number, & other; Zero & throughout; And & other A. & throughout; Are often confused. The Arabic numeral & other; 0 & throughout; Have & other; Zero & throughout; And & other A. & throughout; Two Chinese characters written form. 2011 on the implementation of “numeral use on publications” regulation: when a number is used as the measurement, including & other; 0 & throughout; Form of Chinese character writing for & other; Zero & throughout; ; When used as a serial number, & other 0 & throughout; Form of Chinese character writing for & other; A. & throughout; . Many people involved in the number of occasions, wrongly to & other; Zero & throughout; Generation & other; A. & throughout; . For example, & other Throughout 2012 &; Is spelled wrong, it should be & other; Throughout 2012 &; .

& other; Zhen 嬛 & throughout; Should be read & other; Zhen xu ā n”

“speaking like a book editor Hao Mingjian introduced yesterday, in the process of selection, considered this year will be the most popular TV series” the biography of Zhen Huan & other 嬛 & throughout; Income year language word ten big mistake, and as a pronunciation errors in the annual & other; On behalf of & throughout; , but in the end, the experts chose more of Chinese practical value & other; Yeast & throughout; , & other; Relative to & lsquo; 嬛 & rsquo; , & lsquo; Yeast & rsquo; Words are often used, but in the daily life frequently wrong & throughout; . According to Hao Mingjian & other; Zhen 嬛 & throughout; The & other; 嬛 & throughout; Words should be read in this TV play & other; Xu ā n” Rather than & other; Huá N” .

in the “Chinese big dictionary” and other 嬛 & throughout; There are three words pronunciation, first is with & other; Danger & throughout; Composition & other; Danger 嬛 & throughout; The word, read & other; Lá Ng huá N” . Danger 嬛, legends, by day emperor books after referring to the collection of many books. This is & other; 嬛 & throughout; The use of the more common words in ancient Chinese. & other; 嬛 & throughout; Another pronunciation words is the qing, lonely no brothers. & other; 嬛 & throughout; Word of the third stress is xu ā n, used to describe women’s gentle, gentle and lovely, light. The names in the biography of Zhen Huan & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; How to read?

Hao Mingjian thinks, from the plot, marble temple ShaoQing Zhen Huan is zhen’s eldest daughter, Zhen Huan in drama, just play to draft, it’s her turn, self-reported best name & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; . Which is the emperor asked her & other; 嬛 & throughout; . Zhen 嬛 answer: is & other; 嬛 嬛 throughout a umber of chu palace waist &; The & other; 嬛 & throughout; . The emperor said: that is taken from the song dynasty Cai Shen word, and to praise her, & other; & lsquo; Soft radial 嬛 嬛, enchanting Ran umber. & rsquo; The name you did it! Throughout the &; Visible, & other; 嬛 嬛 & throughout; Here is a graceful charm of women who described. Zhen 嬛 since the name is Chen from both Cai Shen the changjiang, the & other; 嬛 & throughout; Words should be described women’s gentle light. This & other; 嬛 嬛 throughout a umber of chu palace waist &; The & other; 嬛 & throughout; And should be read & other; Xu ā n” .