“Magic” poem rove to poems reflect death: in octogenarian sigh a part the point of no return

November 8, 2009, Taiwan’s famous modern poet rove has told reporters in a hotel in Shanghai.

as & other The poem magic & throughout; Famous poets of Taiwan, the nomination of the Nobel Prize for literature, Mr Rove its style had experienced several times. The anthology of contemporary Chinese top ten poet will rove’s first rated as China’s top ten poets. Rove and Gemini and yu guangzhong said Taiwan’s poetry, he wrote poetry, poetry translation, teaching poetry, poetry is more than fifty years, published prose poems thirty one, six, five collection department, translation department; And 痖弦, zhang mo in 1954 he founded the genesis of poetry, and ji string early founded a year of “modern poem”, opened a new era of Chinese Taiwan modernist poetry. He said he was writing poems is just & other; True & throughout; .

& other; True & throughout; Had, & other; The magic & throughout; How to? He said: & other The possession of poems, has its own special state and fascinating. If a poet use language like a aunt sun jian, can achieve & lsquo; Mr Shot 9 ROM, such as implement such as correction of emperor resorts cheung & rsquo; State, if he got a pen, such as dance magic wand, can achieve the result that it’s raining, DianTieChengJin, even if the body columns list, difficult to fix fruit, also proud. Throughout the &;

at the beginning of this year, the two volumes of jiangsu literature and art publishing house published a rove of selected (poetry anthology “cigarettes” prose, the undercurrent of the river). Seclusion Canada, the 82 – year – old Mr Rove re-enter mainland readers’ reading field of vision.

first once banished

time weekly: you leave home in 1949. In 1988, the first time you return to hunan hengyang, learned that mothers have passed away, at that time is what kind of mood?

rove: mother is died in 1981, at that time has not yet been thawed, dual meet relatives do not allow, news from a friend via Hong Kong, sad not ordinary words can describe, a mourning for his deceased mother long poem I wrote a reprint of blood, when it was told newspapers published at that time in Taipei. When I go back to my hometown to visit for the first time in 1988, mother’s tomb grass has knee, brothers to take me to the front of the tomb memorial, I fell to the ground, can not help tears stood, later wrote a little poem river cemetery, to mourn and remember the time only.

time weekly: in July 1949, and how did you left the army came to Taiwan?

rove: when I read the first middle school in the hometown of hengyang YueYun, began to contact the new literature, read the first book is “send young readers” bing xin. This book influenced my life, of which about the sea, in the heart is brewing into a dream, a kind of beauty of longing and yearning for the future. This with me across the sea to Taiwan in the future, there is a relationship between inhibition and overseas for a decade.

I was alone in 1949 in Taiwan, the most realistic consideration, one is forced by the situation of war at that time, and out of a temporary impulse, want to go out & other; Chuang world & throughout; . So I had with a group of students take the train to guangzhou, then go by ship to Taiwan, the most important literary career began a life. I want to take the first left, went to Taiwan, once called the first exile. But the ideal and the reality forever bereft, arrived in Taiwan after I discovered the body in a foreign land, simplex shadow, no relatives, only extremely lonely and helpless, and achieved a university was not admitted, can’t find a job, in order to solve the problem of life, had to in the army.

in the form of the poem reflects death

time weekly: in 1959, you in kinmen as a liaison officer, has experienced the golden gate firefight. Began writing poetry at that time?

rove: August 23, 1959, Taiwan island of kinmen and xiamen on a world-wide firefight broke out, at that time, I just graduated from the officer foreign language school, assigned to the golden gate as a liaison officer responsible for the reception of journalists from many countries. Taking fire during the day led reporters into the field interview, head shells whistled through, the breathtaking, solid sleep in a cave. Started to jump, I’m not used to that kind of thrill lonely war life, often suffer from insomnia, lying on a hard bed thinking, sometimes the inspiration to want to write poetry. My first personal milestone in nature and with a long poem “the Chambers of death”, is the time to start. That day I write long poems of the first sentence in the cave, hole suddenly broke into a loud explosions, the cave a shake, falling from the collection of sitting opposite me an officer frighten hide under the table, and without batting an eye, I still thinking about a poem & ndash; Without the feeling of fear is faced death threats. At that time was realized one thing: if in the form of poems to express & other; Death & throughout; It will become more friendly, even solemn beauty? This is my first experience of death.

time weekly: in November 1965, you went to Vietnam & other; Throughout the panel &; Consultant and English secretary.

rove: in 1965, the Vietnam war with the United States in the climax, fate let me catch up with the busy again. Just experienced the kinmen firefight, and was sent to in Vietnam Saigon (now ho chi minh city) advisory services, translation and liaison work. I spent two years in Saigon, although not directly, but also often face blasting such as threat. I with two gun, a carbine, an American pistol. I once saw a monk set himself on fire to protest against official corruption, the next day, I had forgotten ally with the Vietnamese government positions, confused part in the parade of anti-government. These two years almost no time and no mood to write poetry, but I still try to war had seen and heard, and experience the impermanence of life in the war, are written in the diary, after back to Taipei in 1967, I put the recorded images of the broken pieces into poetry, published gradually, which is closed in the future in the outside the set & other; Sai kung poetry & throughout; .

from genesis to the song

time weekly: early poems you have a strong tendency of surrealism, 30 s popular western surrealism are hugely impact on your style?

rove: at that time, I and zhang mo, 痖弦 three people are young naval officer, love of literature and art, often together to talk about poetry, also published in JunBao works together. Taiwan’s economy has yet to take off at that time, life is quite poor, but we’re desperate, opened a small poetry & ndash; Genesis, and printing from the salary of three people. Began to do very difficult, gather together enough funds, a period is not regular publication at first, then change to quarterly. So every year four period, through the 55 years, plowed, and from small to big, from infancy, and its poetry. Taiwan in the 1960 s only three poetry: ji string editor of “modern poem”, the main advocate western modernism; Yu guangzhong, editor in chief of “blue star”, taking the conservative lyrics line; I and zhang mo Ed genesis, emphasize purity, originality, worldwide, advocated the integration of western and Chinese, modern and traditional, to establish a new system of Chinese modern poetry poetics. I later served as chief editor for 20 years alone, concentrate on modernization of new poetry. The Taiwan speech control is very strict, folk literature publications have been blacklisted, fortunately, at that time involved innocent & other; Literary inquisition & throughout; Is occasional, but rare, probably due to check the officials don’t understand the new poetry, genesis of pure poetry journal has not been strong intervention, it is my personal briefly under investigation, the reason is that the mainland of the People’s Daily, in case I don’t know, reprint the poem I miss my hometown.

time weekly: read your poem, feeling the tuned poems of imagination rich and flowery, true not & other; The poem magic & throughout; In the name of, conveniently may: & other; Eyes like kudzu/hang full chamber & throughout; , & other Autumn rain scared sudden clotting in mid-air & throughout; , & other Doubt is the ground & ndash; & ndash; Bowed their heads and picked up a very knife & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; You write poems is ease or elaborate images and words?

rove: two cases. A dozen lines of short poems usually is the product of inspiration, almost no false thinking, do not modify, 10 minutes to complete, this is limited to daily topics, capture life interest poem; But in dealing with the big subjects, full of wisdom, the pursuit of intellectual depth, I call & other; Heavy industry & throughout; Work, it is impossible to ease. Draft also need to modify for many times, after the completion of some works have been published, even if will change again before published, sometimes even changed beyond recognition, became another poem.

the poet can’t completely rely on the inspiration to write, but those & other; The pen & throughout; , & other Changed decayed for magical & throughout; , & other Harmoniously blended & throughout; The works, by the inspiration to start. I often self-mockery said: my good poems are often inadvertently hit. As for you mentioned & other; Autumn rain scared sudden clotting in mid-air & throughout; This sentence, but of the classical processing rewritten into. Li Heyou poem & other; The rock to make rain & throughout; , I in the drink with li ho in this poem to rewrite it into & other; Stone broken rain started/scared/day sudden clotting in mid-air & throughout; , it has kept Li Heyuan words of the poetry, and the technique of expression is my new modern form.

time weekly: & other; Since the song, the style is gradually transformed, by the heavy and complicated is tend to be more concise. Throughout the &; This is & other; Selected literature & throughout; For your evaluation, change is how to do?

love: “the song” is the fifth book of poetry, is my style change a turning point. Before this, especially in the Chambers of death writing period, I have a stubborn in poetry writing, a strong sense of mission, believe in the creative process of poetry is the life of heat from the outside introversion, the meaning of the poet mainly in mining the meaning of life, show the potential of life, interprets the value of life, not just provide a feast for the eyes of the text. In such a heavy sense of mission under the load, I have been at loggerheads in the tension, but in the writing of “the song” 1974 years before and after a few years, my view of poetry and language style has changed greatly, which holds that explore the poetry of life meaning, its power is not completely from the inner world of the poet, the poet should explore the bottom of life, and at the same time to open the heart window, the perceptual tentacles extend external reality, to capture the moment the feeling of the life. In other words, this shift is mainly manifested in the individual soul in the dark room to broad and bright outer world. Of course, this change with the increase of age, the mature of life also has a relationship.

time weekly: you are now settled in Canada, ever want to be discarded?

rove: my choice to face old immigration overseas, far from the end of the world, partition the geographical and political past, on both sides of the Taiwan experience what I call & other; A second exile & throughout; Life. First arrived in Canada, in a strange new environment, I strongly feel cold and lonely, dusk independence in North America, the vast and boundless sky, I am deeply aware of the existence of the self, the but again feel self is so ambiguous and softness, at least in the form I have already lost the horizon of the motherland, lost the most important thing in life identity objects. I was born in hunan and grew up in Taiwan, twilight seclusion in Canada, but where is my home? Elderly, accompany me besides of his wife, only quiet study, and the lingering, lifelong along and give me infinite comfort and reassure me to life of the Chinese culture.