Mainland last flying tigers players: from ace to cyclo (FIG.)

after the victory of the war, attended the 88 air operations wu its Yao awarded & other allied headquarters; The flight excellent cross & throughout; And also awarded & other; Air medal & throughout; And & other Unit collective honor & throughout; . In 1949, after he from Taiwan via Hong Kong back to China, as the kuomintang officers through 20 years, after decades of pedal tricycles for a living, from the valor of killing fellow, always push to white-haired. As in English the best pedicab driver; he never tell people he had participated in the flying tigers.

after the liberation, due to the left of the ideological trend, for some period of the republic of China has contributions to humanity are given & other; Counter-revolutionary & throughout; Such as title, hit a batch of & other; Elite & throughout; . Last year wasn’t flying tiger pilots who died during the Anti-Japanese War, the United States its Yao wu is one of them.

the Yao wu (1918-2010), fujian fujian qing, fought bravely in the Anti-Japanese War period, he said: & other; I was in the war against Japan air flying more than 800 hours, shot down five Japanese fighter aircraft, transport aircraft. Surprise the Japanese hankou airport, the flight I open bombers a low-level, a blow up in the airport runway to transfer machine dozens of days. China in the United States, my rank is relatively high in the air force of the Chinese soldiers. My plane was three times the Japanese aircraft, three times, I encourage myself: be sure to survive! At the time of flying over the hump route, I also encourage yourself. Throughout the &;