Make Beijing finally a public bathhouse social requirements take precedence over a bath (FIG.)


Beijing fengtai nanyuan double hing hall bath on

in nanyuan shantytowns & other; Double hing hall & throughout; (nanyuan bath) by qing we have got rich children Wang Shuangkui was established in 1916, after the founding of new China & other; Double hing hall & throughout; Renamed & other; Nanyuan bath & throughout; .

1998 publicity film bathing here live action, and the film stills, also hanging on the wall, became a bath. Like Beijing old Xiong Zhizhong ZaoTangZi culture in 2004 received the old ZaoTangZi, according to the old bath friends advice to built the old bath pool, open the cover ZaoTangZi rest PVC board in the middle of the hall, ZaoTangZi are exposed in the Chinese style window, 6 meters high carry empty clear and breathe freely. A pool of clear water, 24 compartments, bath guest naked, no high and low, chat together, playing chess, drinking tea smoke, rub zao, pedicure, cupping. Xinhua net hair (Wang Shen perturbation)

bath guest at 6 m high carry empty shower in the bath. Natural light is the unique charm is also one of the old Beijing public bath culture connotation. Xinhua (Wang Shen perturbation)

67 – year – old zhang shan is the old bath guest here, his every day life regular and simple: red in the morning, at noon, the bath until evening for dinner. For the simple life, he even moved the family to a nearby two years ago, he said & other; I got this bubble bath every day, the body uncomfortable, the mainest is here my friend and I can chat. Throughout the &; Zhang shan since the childhood to frequent baths, but one by one, they are replaced by advanced modern hotel spa center, the spa center also defines the modern Beijing. New bathroom each customer charges 180 yuan or more, take a shower and double hing hall only 8 yuan. & other; Do you think I am willing to move from the city to be here to take a bath, say not good, I had to. The city’s old bathhouse saw all didn’t, you I wash up? Throughout the &;