Man pick up purse to return it for 10 yuan money being abused contentious for breakfast

according to “Chinese” reported on January 11, from shanxi Yang will pick up purse returned to their rightful owners, to the owner for 10 yuan money, breakfast was vilified by the other party.

Yang, 46, is baoji in shaanxi province. According to Yang, after his divorce, he doing odd jobs. On January 11 at 11 PM, and he found in the garbage in the bottle, and found a wallet. No cash in the wallet, but the id card, bank CARDS, membership CARDS are in place. So, Yang according to purse inside a copy of the handle card phone, at 12 at 2 PM to contact the owner.

the owner is a 24 year old girl, two people meet on the second day of evidence. 12 in the morning, girls and friends find Yang, Yang to return the purse, and put forward to buy 10 yuan & breakfast or other Breakfast money & throughout; . Girl and her friend was very angry, also called Yang.

Yang was very angry and began to make a phone call, send text messages to each other.

Yang presented the girl back message:

12, 8 am, & other; God will bear (stick) imposed on you, you are the human scum. Throughout the &;

49 points on the 12th at 8, & other; I think you also have children, they want to know what would you do such a thing, you are still more for his point. Throughout the &;

this, said the girls and their friends, they are very grateful to Yang, but he want money is hard to accept. More let her hard to accept, Yang call her cell phone, texting, verbal clash between both parties, the girl after change of phone CARDS, Yang to phone call to her unit, are a bad influence on her.

Yang said that he was being misunderstood is very angry, constantly calling you want a, let the girl to apologize.

according to this, shaanxi always fine law law firm lawyers Wang Kui said letter, credit is only part of the moral dimension, in the process of our return cost, if the owner doesn’t want to give, must pay no hard and fast required by law, only from the aspects of moral, the owner may voluntarily pay. ‘