Man with two catties of stylus painted on the marble As lifelike (FIG.)

Dong Lei painting with a stylus. LiuYang taken

within the flower terrace scenic spot, a firm & other; Ponytail & throughout; Man is painted on the black marble, characters, animals, of different lifelike portrait can be comparable to photograph, painting tools is a homemade 2 catties of stylus.

stylus on dots of painting

recently, Yangtze evening news reporter saw Dong Lei inside the cemetery, he was sitting on a hold up big umbrella below attentively hold the stylus, carved a figure paintings in a square stool workbench, a magazine about the size of Dali, sitting beside her picture, Dong Lei work sitting in front, left hand back to Dali, right hand holding a pen and pencil holder in the left hand up, right hand is constantly pushing back end, pen with the pen on the SLATE knock out of the small dot, combined into one picture, countless dots in the onlookers, visitors look into god, said to send photos of themselves to him to he carved like, please.

cemetery on the trip to let his fans & other; Graven images & throughout;

after asking, the reporter understands, this technique is called graven images. One day in 2002, Dong Lei went to the cemetery to see a stele lifelike portrait, thought is computer generated, and was surprised to learn that it is artificial with stylus pen like the chicken rice, bit by bit, made up by countless tip size of dot, originally engaged in glass painting Dong Lei suddenly fell in love with this style of painting, learned that it was named after the graven images, he went to xinhua bookstore to buy a lot of relevant books.

not only that, he also made a stylus & ndash; & ndash; Pens and 2 cm in diameter, about 20 cm long, weighs 2 jins, pen use tungsten steel welded together, when he painted on the black marble slabs, can hear & other; Dadada & throughout; The noise.

to learn skills for seven times successively from

in order to progress quickly, Dong Lei to fujian HuiYuan word seven times. Four times to visit process, the teacher said to him, who can, but want to make money, fees of more than ten thousand a year, and at least five years to graduate, no money Dong Lei had to go home, but he did not give up learning, outside the normal work, still spend a lot of time to use on the graven images of art, retreat practice, never leave home.

in the self-study after a long period of time, with works to HuiYuan again, he took a fancy to by the teacher, the works of the promised to accept him as a ACTS. Five years later, he relies on graven images technology, find a job. Today, he chose to rely on the technology entrepreneurship within the flower terrace scenic spot, in his small facades were filled with his various works, exchanges between tourists often lamented his skill and asked him for his painting, and his biggest wish is to Confucius temple has a their own studio.

the correspondent xie jing Ren Guilin intern

the yangzi evening news reporter LiuYang