Manchu Chinese New Year: “old ceremony son” wheeled fifteen year ice won’t be sick

off-year burn the kitchen god, doing better day

erect lantern pole, tall red house hospital, children play strong, eat SaQiMa & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; January 18, tonghua JinDou Township GuDeQuan claus introduces to the reporter changbai mountain manchu Chinese New Year customs, he is tonghua declare provincial intangible cultural heritage projects of inheritance.

off-year send & other; King of kitchen & throughout;

coming home times more red

on January 18th, the reporter comes to tonghua JinDou Township bay GuDeQuan ditch village, the old man home, although midwinter outside, but the room is warm, the surface of laughter.

GuDe family is old households in the village, the village more than 500 people, nearly all relatives. He is the manchu people, we have got rich.

according to GuDeQuan manchu Chinese New Year customs are usually from people in this day begins. He remembered when I was a child often gurgling sound of a ke & other; 23, sugared melons stick; 24, sweep room; Twenty-five, blast; 26, white meat stew; 27, to kill the cock; 28, the surface hair; Twenty-nine, steamed bread; Thirty son night stay up night; On the first day twist twist & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

off-year is said to this day the kitchen god to heaven do & other; Reporting on activities throughout the &; , so families will be laid sugar, oven, make the kitchen god sweet more than speak in front of the jade emperor, to a more prosperous home next year.

every yard hanging lanterns

first to fifteenth the night

before and after off-year begins killing swine, kill pig day host invite relatives and friends to come to the party, both for contact feelings, also said to celebrate.

in addition to prepare to eat, after off-year erect lantern poles in the courtyard every family, with verdant pine needles, lanterns on the top of the pole in the set off of red Lantern Festival, all the & other; In the evening when it gets dark, the lanterns, a candle on good condition now, all pull wire FangGong bulb on the inside, red paper lanterns also become red silk. From New Year’s eve to the fifteenth day of the lanterns are lit at night, all night not extinguish, heralding the life thriving prosperity. Throughout the &; GuDeQuan said.

30 boiled dumplings

broken will shout & other; Made & throughout;

& other; On New Year’s day that day, the family usually do eight or ten course, the significance of eight square into wealth, perfect. The day when you eat chicken, all must eat, or to the annual meeting of the run into debt; While eating fish, you have to leave part of representing every year; And I will eat lettuce, signal generative meaning. Throughout the &; GuDeQuan said.

in addition, the custom of the Spring Festival eve is very much also. & other; The elderly left the ans such a rule, big eve can’t eat sour pickled cabbage stuffing dumpling, it is said that eating pickled vegetable stuffing dumpling to convention had poor; 30 the stuffing son night eat cabbage and radish stuffing dumplings, people will grow their robes, talk is amiable, and frank CuiSheng. When boiled dumplings, also have said, the fire to burn apricot, meaning and flourished, head of the family will be in the room shouted at kitchen, dumplings earn don’t earn? Boiled dumplings women would answer with a smile, earned, can earn much more, when dumplings are boiled broke, also can’t say it’s broken, must be earned, adumbrative next year earn big money, make a fortune! Throughout the &;

if home son have to the marriage age did not marry, big festival eve, the old man still can let him a hug or lard jars, adumbrative move next year. In addition, the northeast has big fire resistance of the manchu people, 30 in the evening the children will put on new socks up on the kang, indicates their lives up to a high, over more, also said stepping on dog.

15 treads ice

a year will not be sick

& other; By the 15th is also very busy, evening adult children ran to the hetao surface to roll, thinks a run, and more than, said as he rolled wheeled the fifteenth day of the ice, next year will not have a stomachache. Throughout the &; GuDeQuan said.