“Mandarin duck” in ancient times had with brothers: friends to everywhere of the same flesh and blood

traditional sinology study

in ancient China, the first is to put the & other; Mandarin duck & throughout; Compared to a brother. In the selection of literary works in the “four Su Ziqing poem” the first song wrote, & other; Flesh green branches and leaves, making for also. The four seas all men are brothers, who for the traveller. Besides, I renshi tree, and son with a suit. Yesterday to spend their honeymoons.//and Yang, today to participate in Calvin & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

mean: & other; Brother’s intimate relationship as the leaves grow on the branches, the relationship between the friend is a blind date. Within the four seas all men are brothers, who also not unrelated strangers. And we are the branches of the flesh and blood brothers, I with you out of a body. Formerly close such as mandarin duck, now like in western stars and somewhere in eastern ShangXing infested don’t meet each other & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Thus, this poem was written brothers give don’t, the poem & other; Mandarin duck & throughout; Refers to the brothers.

wei ji kang in one brother du scholar in the poem “wrote & other; Yuanyang form, the ‘against its feathers. The plateau, evening SuLan zhu. Nanning nanning offerings, Gu Mian ChouLv. Fu generosity, glides gracefully with. Throughout the &; Ji kang in the poem describes his comfortable and happy with elder brother revel in the landscape, the small continent full of bluegrass, lake, limpid rivulets of sound and waterfowl & hellip; & hellip; Thus, this poem is also use & other; Mandarin duck & throughout; Metaphor of amity between brothers.

JinRen lu, word dragon, when he was young his brothers, followed by luji, yue & other; 2 lu & throughout; . JinRen Zheng Feng have a Liu Shilong book four, the first title “the mandarin duck,” preamble yue: & other; Mandarin duck, the merit, also have two sage, dongyue, Yang hui attends Beijing. Throughout the &; Here is a & other; Mandarin duck & throughout; Metaphor, followed by luji’s lu brothers.

& other; Die into resign than orders, how, and is willing to make mandarin duck not envyimmortal. Throughout the &; The tang dynasty poet vibrated in the chang ‘an ancient meaning would spend a couple of feeling and idea portrayed incisively and vividly. According to the 1980 edition of the example to & other; Mandarin duck & throughout; Than couples that began in the poem of vibrated. From then on, & other; Mandarin duck & throughout; As dear to each other, grow old together model, a symbol of eternal love into people’s heart.

article/guangzhou Duan Huiqun