Mango illustrated: here’s the huang yongyu living, this drawing

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& have spent & other; In this world because of the huang yongyu, may become a bit funny. Throughout the &;

rich such as huang yongyu, few words hard to say clearly. But & other; Interesting & throughout; In huang yongyu this generation, has another meaning. His coming from harsh days, humor has been snapped shut out from the suffering of sweet smell, the painting is fun and survival in the street had business. Going in the game of life, not death, survival, for the most part are the spirit of humor. But huang yongyu, humor, deep into the heart, more rich administrative levels, to the world of insights and along with the gender of the magnanimous. Even the good friend wang zeng-qi said: & other; Yong yu is a rich life, his own experiences of growing up, are we won’t be able to dream of story, he special good ‘memories, of things you’ll never forget the feeling, is he the inexhaustible. Throughout the &;

& other; My only beauty is never break through the frame, literature, painting, but my courage small, I draw, break through the frame, I do not make public. Throughout the &; Huang yongyu paintings and, halfway decent, self-taught, but sui generis, no copy, the key is the meaning of the word in the painting outside lasting appeal, make clicks smiling, shake head to sigh. With its wonderful, funny, like his monkey ticket design, with a clear and mischievous person of the matter.

once, in the suffering, huang yongyu, live so, such a painting.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; During in the China central academy & other; The bullpen & throughout; , huang yongyu, is the most nerve-wracking a rebel. His tales, for mercy, not expose, so interrogates and beats full of August 1968, he spent in the spirit of humiliation and physical torture 44 years old birthday. He didn’t come back until late in the day, the children happily waiting for dad’s birthday. Mrs Huang yongyu say don’t eat first, pull Zhang Meixi to his room, took off my clothes and vest. The children saw him the whole body scar, white shirt became red, stained with blood on his back, not to take off, then Zhang Meixi with hot water a little bit to get it open.

at the time, huang yongyu, after washing the wound, at two o ‘clock in the morning of the night, pull a curtain, began secretly to paint. But, in his works is full of optimism and poetic. 1969 years later, huang yongyu, was sent to the hebei axis & other; May seventh cadre schools & throughout; Back and forth, waiting in line to line up back, 32 miles. This period he was in the drawing, he swear in the heart, will one day return, is going to draw a different paint a picture with him before. He must have his own painting.

three years after the devolution, huang yongyu, returned to Beijing, the political mood remained tense. They secretly to sketch, he and his son Sunday night, pulled the curtain, the door, to draw. Painting while watching at the outside, then to practice in a few minutes to take up all of the art supplies, just like all right, like stealing the peace in the cracks in the painting. Huang yongyu, believe in the world, also at work at the moment there is a lot of artists, he want to play with them.

now, past misery huang yongyu, living in songzhuang, lotus temple. Usually, if there is no guest come to visit his day schedule is basically rule: writing a novel in the morning, afternoon to draw. The desk of the bedroom on the second floor, there is a thick pile of paper, that is he wrote a a dozen years of autobiographical novel “without the sorrow of the river roll man”.

songzhuang tricycle teacher knows that the door there is a pavilion in the courtyard, the little pavilion is named & other; Kan ting & throughout; . Huang yongyu chatted with love, is a chat. Huang Miaozi called huang yongyu joke big king, he can in a chat with a friend when one hundred jokes in a row.

he had about himself, about this courtyard, some interesting readme, its play: & other; More than seventy, over the plate stubborn, and bully waist, eyes and would have his hands; Shout, blow his whistle, book crossing the river, the strength failure, consciously to step down. CanNian had come, cavendish YanCha constantly, don’t cough, not insomnia for decades. Addicted to her more garlic spicy pig intestine, pig feet, and beef of zone plate steel, the herb, balsam pear, bracken, liuyang lobster sauce and crackling traditional hot pepper, dried beancurd, MeiDou loosened, natto there is no love. Love drinking friends and chatted with love, love the local drama, love music, good books. Hate disrespect unbridled, old and young, especially hates the outermost layer of skin salivary face by painters, meet this generation will bring it to steep wooden mountain climbing, tired to grandson, foaming at the mouth said BuChengHua, until all running, out of sight. Don’t drink, don’t listen to karaoke, not playing mahjong and all kinds of CARDS. Don’t like the house spit and throw rubbish out of the window. This house is also not let people make movies and visit. Throughout the &;

huang yongyu is a wonderful person.

in July, for two years and 8 months, editor of the huang yongyu “collected 14 volumes published listed. The from xiangxi border & without sorrow river went out of the other; The prodigal man & throughout; , painters left by the clever pen, splendid, and his life experience, the spirit world, just like a cup of wine, smell intoxicating charm; But he is more like a mystery, there is a fascinating mystery and secret.


& have spent

& have spent