Many doubt: jing ke pricks qin wang first emperor then be gay “hangers-on”

this article from the Chinese native culture revelation: the national start, Sun Haohui, Shanghai people’s publishing house

one day in the autumn of 227 BC, jing ke’s envoy to the team finally down.

the xiao river, taizi Dan and all participating plotters, and fellow vast amounts of jing ke, have come to see me off, one is white, sad grief like a funeral procession. Jing ke generous elegy, leaving the eternal of solemn and stirring songs & ndash; & ndash;

wind rustling xi xiao cold,

a strong man also not to go to xi back again.

high field is gradually away from the blow up, jing ke occasion requires to sing. The singing, has three parts: the first part, first as a bearish mood that no lyrics ChangYin & ndash; & ndash; & other; Is the voice of the variable), and all 55 including & throughout; ; The second part, & other; Jing ke and song before yue & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Jing ke striding forward, sing out the two eternal tragedy of lyrics; The third part, & other; Compound for feather generosity, and aversion and mesh, refers to the champions league on up! Throughout the &; That is to say, after two words of the lyrics is the high into the clouds and stirring blazing & ndash; & ndash; Sound plume generosity. This generosity pathetique, inspire deeply shocked the scene are visitors, everyone’s eyes to stare cracked, everyone’s long hair flying up and covered the high crown on his head. Later, & other; Jing ke car and go, but it will have braved & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Jing ke also didn’t say a word, mounted YaoChe went white, never look back.

(1) jing ke to xianyang after the first a planned activity

jing ke mission into xianyang, start with heavily and precious goods, bought bastard MengJia qin2 wang2 ying zheng’s favourite. Jing ke dredging for MengJia, leading the child.when qin2 wang2 ying zheng. MengJia rhetoric, translated into modern words is this: never really fear Qin Guozhi wei, did not dare to resist there, willing to the country for the state of qin subjects; The prince will in a little county general governors, pay tribute to the state of qin, keep the king temple first. But the prince did not dare to your statements to request, only respect has pressed fan yuqi head has been cut off, and offer the yan dukang land; Fan yuqi head and dukang map, has sealed letter set up; The prince sent envoy to come to the king of qin, specially hope recognition.

this is the historical data, in addition to rhetoric, fact that part of the suspicion is very large.

a suspect to serve law: the qingming festival, beadle impossible to shoulder the burden of dredge affairs of state. The MengJia, just a low class since & ndash; & ndash; Bastard, the equivalent of secretarial staff now. In the political structure of the state of qin, diplomatic affairs must inform one of the three ministers: one is the head of rees, the post is a long history & ndash; & ndash; Monarch secretary-general; 2 it is weak, yao jia, two people over of diplomatic affairs, administer the state of qin diplomatic institutions & ndash; & ndash; The pedestrian agency. At that time the king of qin’s life affairs, is governed by accompanying the shi zhao gao. MengJia so the bottom of the society, even any of the four important characters are difficult to see, more can’t easily see qin2 wang2 ying zheng, and assume the communication is so important.

suspects two, qin2 wang2 ying zheng’s private life to no myth, there can be no beyond the business & other; Minion & throughout; . In shiji vocabulary genealogy, & other; Throughout his &; Is a political vocabulary; Minion, it is a very ambiguous words, in addition to the direct meaning of love, the most point is gay. Record on the warring states period in shiji, clear qin & other; Minion & throughout; Are two: one is xiao of qin minion scene, one is the king of qin ying zheng’s favourite MengJia. If the full high-profile shi zhao gao, nor in shiji & other; Minion & throughout; The two words. As xiao of qin life, minion gay said, is obviously very ridiculous rumors. At first emperor ying zheng as his life, the court affairs alert on fight after the party, consorts and other forces intervention in national politics. Therefore, the first emperor does not have a queen, crown prince also have no. Such a long-term political alertness monarch, it is not possible to a small secretarial personnel as & other; Minion & throughout; And less likely to allow its state. The first emperor’s personal life, in addition to appointing the alchemist o fairy, did not see any absurd. In order to gay & other; Minion & throughout; Add to the first emperor, apparently later gossip entered the history books.

three suspects, jing ke, as the identity is yan envoy, there is no need to buy. Yan-guo offered to surrender, offer the head and the country’s request, for the state of qin, is a very good event. As jing ke yan envoy, there is no need to give up completely legitimate diplomatic channels, without pedestrian department & ndash; & ndash; Reaches of qin dynasty’s diplomatic institutions, and easily go buy small minion of the secret path. Taizi Dan for a long time in the state of qin hostage, could not understand the rule of law of qin yan. Jing ke is zheng man celebrities, made the most thorough preparation for to assassinate the king of qin, could not have the basic situation of qin dynasty’s political so ignorance. Because, the idea of buying minion, can make it perfectly justifiable diplomatic affairs is very strange, it has the potential to qin alert. This foolish act, could not have come from jing ke.

these suspects, little minion MengJia dredge, should be a false historical data.

jing ke into activities in advance after the qin dynasty, the proper way is very simple: jing ke qin appointment of diplomatic institutions & ndash; & ndash; Pedestrians, stated envoy request; Reception of a pedestrian department chief jing ke, qin ducal child.when the envoys to xianyang, asking qin2 wang2 decide; The king of qin was pleased, decided to meet jing ke, and never surrender. Later, the six countries in shandong, handy dating back to the jing ke off by qin2 wang2 minion MengJia story, with its mysterious thing. Later, too history Mr Again according to the legend, into the actual as of jing ke, recorded in the history books.

(2) the state of qin at the highest etiquette meet jing ke, decided to accept the surrender of yan

for envoy jing ke yan will bring national major request of surrender, qin is obviously very seriously.

therefore, received jing ke qin at the highest etiquette & ndash; & ndash; & other; Royal apparel, nine, see yan angel xianyang palace. Throughout the &; The highest etiquette, is designed according to the specifications right meet with governors, it has three basic elements: first, location is xianyang palace, the highest political halls of qin; Second, the king of qin with all minister, are & other; Royal apparel & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Formal dress to attend; Thirdly, set up

symbol world governors meeting & other; Nine bean & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Nine governors seats, to show the world event. On such basic specifications, music bell and drum, the guard ceremonial, horses and chariots and out, rituals, etc., nature is the most grand arrangement accordingly. In etiquette has greatly simplified the warring states period, this event is clearly the most grand ceremony.

the grand of qin to reveal a significant historical information. Qin, the truthfulness of yan envoy is no doubt. Most importantly, for the yan-guo whole country surrender request, and puts forward three conditions & ndash; & ndash; Retain considerable population, land reserve fiefdoms, reserves the rights of ancestral temple worship, and is ready to accept the state of qin. That is to say, and then show the historical development process of unified the six countries than in war way, there appeared a possible turn & ndash; & ndash; Qin was prepared to accept a form of peaceful reunification, prepare to retain vassal states, a possible not war united. Please note that the previous state of qin, has united the two countries & ndash; & ndash; South Korea, zhao. Ducal including South Korea, also once had a similar request, but rejected by the state of qin. Later, the actual progress is acquired in the form of war in South Korea. So, for the yan-guo conditional surrender request, qin why is accepted?