MAO MAO out of the book home real situation and experience of life and death lay their mother

19 December afternoon, the publication of mother shao MAO xinyu new symposium was held in the Chinese people’s political consultative conference hall.

“my mother shao” by the Chinese workers press. MAO xinyu first man called perspective, shao’s life experience as the clue, with a large number of historical events and family life details as the carrier, from shao early rough experience, between mother and child and the family member get along, shao, life style, shao love of photography career four parts, affectionate mother miss shao’s life. “Mother shao” is the first of her daughter-in-law shao’s chronicle of life, at the same time reveal exclusively MAO family for the first time real life work status. Shao hua was born in yanan, juvenile to rain, after married, MAO became home MAO top beam carries good daughter-in-law. She needs to take care of the elderly revolutionary mother, to accompany a sick husband, education young son, at the same time to a successful career in business.

MAO xinyu symposium in new book again memories with my father mother shao MAO anqing, family also recalled the Shao Huasheng MAO MAO xinyu when childbirth by fetal umbilical cord around the neck, after death will be delivered story, MAO xinyu. Shao daughter-in-law, the wife of MAO xinyu Liu Bin said: & other; May be outside a lot of people are curious about our family is what kind of, in fact we are not mysterious, we also have the joys and sorrows in the ordinary families. Throughout the &; (internship reporter Chen MengXi)