MAO zedong eat pears and chili powder Had to find a way to let the cat eat chili

hobby chili, across the world. He said the people of hunan have no chili can’t eat, so each have spicy hunan people. Ieong tak chi once invited him to eat pears, he has to find somebody else for chili powder, its be sprinkled on the pear, of chili powder mix pears. This kind of tea hot pear, I want to taste is not too good, so no like tea of braise in soy sauce meat.

MAO banquets in the early days after foundation of the Soviet union friends mikoyan, anastas ivanovich, mikoyan, anastas ivanovich drinking, and don’t like MAO, just fired a grail red pepper to entertain, not say pepper than wine more exciting. Mikoyan, anastas ivanovich had to reluctantly swallowed, the hot tears gush out. In the 60 s of the last century, philosophers, Peru to China met with MAO zedong, two people talked very speculative, one reason is that des is willing to accompany him to eat chili. The most serious one is he give a gift. In 1942, Stalin sent brought MAO generous gifts (what gift is unknown, but not vodka), MAO zedong solemnly dispense packaged myself kind of pepper in return.

MAO zedong not only the pepper as a kind of food, and try to explore its medicinal potential. Underserved long march period, MAO was sent there to buy pepper and its distribution to cadres fighter, charged them to chew a few chili cold cold, injured when cooking a little pepper spray to clean the wound. Even the scheduling of privilege, just to share a few more capsaicin. The red army long march victory arrived in northern shaanxi, MAO zedong must think should give his chili in a credit.

50 s, has a story of MAO zedong let cats eat chili widely in Shanghai. Legend MAO to liu shaoqi, and has represented a problem: how can the cat eat chili? Liu is forcedly, way is to let the cat hungry for three days, and then wrapped the chili in cheat cat eat meat. Are both not MAO, his way is put pepper in the cat’s ass, cats will to lick, but also to lick clean and excited.