MAO zedong on the shang king zhou: he is not altogether

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on the shang king zhou

shang dynasty why call & other; Business & throughout; The? Because of the commodity production, this is guo moruo textual research. It is a mistake to king zhou, as a bad man, king zhou was in fact a man of great skill, he. He runs the southeast, consolidate the unity of the here and the central plains, is active in history. King zhou felling of xuzhou yi, the battles, but the loss is very big, captive too much, can’t digest, ji fa attack to take advantage of weakness, a large number of prisoners revolt, the results make the shang dynasty wu kingdom. History, “said zhou ji fa cut up, & other; Blood bath & throughout; , it is empty. Mencius don’t believe in this statement, he said: & other; To believe a book, no book. Throughout the &;

& ndash; & ndash; Read from November 1958, Stalin’s Soviet union socialist economic problems “conversation (see Mr. Jin, editor-in-chief of” MAO zedong analytical reading notes “on page 1158, guangdong people’s press, July 1996)

why king zhou out? Mainly than dry against him, and carried on child against him, against his son. King zhou go to dozen Xu Yi (that is a big country, is now near xuzhou), playing for several years, took off in that country. King zhou is very talented, ill behind those who are of the zhou dynasty people speak, just don’t listen. Why he divided the country? Because these three were the opposition. , the worst, is a traitor, he sent two men to represent to the zhou dynasty, please. Featuring the first time went back to the concept of j soldier, then make two years, can play, he said, because of working. King zhou had killed than dry, locked up the basket, but no provisions on child, only know that he was a rebel, not knowing that the foreign. Just tell the truth to king zhou his conviction. King zhou has reputation very much, at that time of the shang dynasty people support him very much. King zhou committed suicide, he did not surrender. Micro is the traitors, weeks should seal him, but did not dare to seal, and sealing the Wu Geng king zhou’s son. Later Wu Geng to revolt, to seal small child, the micro sealing for the song, is shangqiu.

& ndash; & ndash; From June 22, 1959, MAO zedong talk to Wu Zhipu etc. (see “party’s literature” (1995)

analytic: pointed out that the last emperor emperor the Yin xin (that is, the shang king zhou) southeast of conquering and running, is ji fa from northwest of guo moruo according to oracle and historical records of an original opinion. Later historians such as JianBoZan also continue to use the said. Accepted the original MAO zedong, affirmation king zhou & other; Consolidate the unity of the here and the central plains, is active in history throughout the &; .

king zhou’s reputation has always been bad. After zhou dynasty history, as & other; The evil no way & throughout; Of the people. Investigate its reason, according to the analysis of guo moruo, mainly from zhou ji fa cut when the two article campaign type, namely “tai shi” in “history” to the oath. Like the latter said: & other; Today zhou YanWang woman it is use, ziqi ancestral realms of spreading, it does not answer, faint to abandon their home countries; But its Wang Fu brother need not, is only four more sin BuTao is chung is long, is believed to be made, give oppression to the people, to rape rail business. Throughout the &; It is for the sake of a famous political propaganda. So guo moruo said in “by Confucianism>

in October 1958, during the first meeting of zhengzhou, MAO zedong pointed out that & other; The shang king zhou, qin, cao cao as a bad man is wrong. Throughout the &; History, he says, describing king zhou as a who, heinous evil, is too much. Even the mencius also keen for him to say: & other; Others believe than no book & throughout; , & other; JieZhou evil much so not to do this, too, is a gentleman’s evil in rank, the evil in the world belong to. Throughout the &; King zhou dote on da ji, than dry heart open, the two bad, earned him a great reputation as something of a tyrant, and the evil in the world are attributed to king zhou, as if he didn’t do any good. Actually this man wise king zhou can argue, warrior can. He started to battle is of great heroism. The late shang dynasty, jianghuai between the yi people is strong, threat to the shang dynasty, king zhou’s parents once a few times here in fighting, victory, but not repel here to the expansion of the shang dynasty and offended. , king zhou was advancing Crusades yi people after played an unprecedented triumph, captured & other; Trillions of yi people & throughout; , thus repelled here expansion, to protect the safety of the shang dynasty in the southeast. And king zhou warrior can text, his running of southeast, make the central plains culture gradually to the southeast, the history is a contribution to our country. MAO zedong said, shang dynasty the meaning of this word is business, it marks the shang dynasty has begun with trade in goods, to the king zhou has become the most prosperous, cultural degree of slavery in the highest.

for king zhou lesson of national subjugation, MAO zedong thought, one is king zhou of king wen of zhou, ji fa self-consummation, attracting merchants culture, promote the development of the zhou dynasty society, actively preparing for the overthrow of the shang dynasty rule, completely lost their alertness. He didn’t listen to shang dynasty micro son big noble, a white and the prince than stem of good, as a result, than dry were killed, a white child captive into slavery, micro genial smile that ran away. King zhou into a position of a miracle. One is the captive king zhou will not do, put a lot of prisoners of war to focus on were reincarnated. Ers, on the other hand, king zhou’s prisoners do undercover work. When ji fa army led by distance agent 70, the site of the shang king palace just got the news, immediately stop held to celebrate the victory of the song and dance and booze, discussing the strategy of enemies. The main force of the shang dynasty also far in southeast of the battlefield, a duty not to come over, king zhou can only put a large number of armed here prisoners of war to the front. As a result, the captive uprisings, turned, joint attack he shang zhou. King zhou see tide, deer die set himself on fire. & other; Zhou g here and settle down throughout its body &; , this is the end of the shang dynasty, king zhou’s tragedy.

evaluation of historical figures, basically see his big aspect, the main point, to see him in the actual behavior in the process of history. This thought is MAO zedong. So often was criticised in the history of man, except the king zhou, qin, xiang yu, cao cao, wu zetian, MAO zedong is always willing to enumerate them good on the one hand, his conviction for them. But this, absolutely not follow one’s inclinations, subjective, there are always based on history. Take the evaluation of shang king zhou, MAO zedong said that king zhou was & other; Hsiao to wu & throughout; , & other Very good & throughout; Man, this view is based on. In “xunzi not phase”, said ji & other; Jay also long huge xiaomei, the world; Thews super strength, the enemy of the one hundred people throughout & also; .