MAO zedong twice rejected the print head for the life the most love to touch money

on December 1, 1948, the people’s bank of China head office is in shijiazhuang, north street, a gray building three layer was proclaimed, China’s first set of RMB in this issue.

the staff xibaipo memorial, in September 1948, the central committee of the communist party of China held its first enlarged politburo meeting in xibaipo, shi said & other; Throughout September meeting &; . Meeting is an important content of research and development production, unified financial and economic problems. Emphasize: & other; Work, must first be a unified currency. Throughout the &; Recommendations to the central north China dong, director of the office of finance and economics, north bank, bank of the north sea, northwest merger farmers to form the central bank, and suggests that the central bank for & the name of the other; The people’s bank of China & throughout; . The proposal is approved, soon and appointed NaHanChen first governor of the people’s bank of China.

the people’s bank of China, after the establishment of Shanghai, the first thing to do is how to design the yuan. Dong’s words is very famous in the liberated areas, and the people’s bank of China, head of Taiwan invited version headed by dong yuan wrote & other; The people’s bank of China & throughout; With the words. Yuan ticket version is by the shanxi-chahaer-hebei border region printing office Wang Yijiu and Shen Naiyong design. Ticket design version, they out of love for chairman MAO, like MAO zedong as the main figure drawing on the yuan.

the xibaipo memorial staff said, pawn ticket version submitted to the review, by MAO politely refused, he said: & other; I was the chairman of the party, also is not the chairman of the central people’s government, in the yuan on my head is not appropriate. Throughout the &; Later, dong finally determine through research: to reflect the liberated areas of industrial and agricultural production and construction pattern of landscape as the first set of RMB nominal design principles, and ticket front, back, in addition to the necessary Arabic Numbers, all in Chinese, not English, please immediately shanxi-chahaer-hebei border region bank printing bureau according to the principles for the design of the yuan.

LingXiuXiang MAO zedong objected to on the seal, one is MAO zedong’s life is the most love to touch money; Second is when he opposed to promote individualism, make a cult of personality. The comrades, however, the people’s bank of China, Taiwan at that time did not really understand this point.

after the founding of new China, is the head of the people’s bank of China NaHanChen check with MAO zedong, face to face, he said: & other; Chairman MAO, you now have is the chairman of the central people’s government, yuan can be printed as the chairman! Throughout the &; MAO zedong smiled and replied: & other; Chairman of the central people’s government is when, but when the chairman of the government also can’t print. In xibaipo seven leaders have made the decision, not to people’s names, prohibit praises, prevent the breed arrogance and acting the hero of the phenomenon. So, now also can’t print my like. Throughout the &; At this moment, NaHanChen didn’t understand the chairman MAO refused to leave their as printed on the real reason for yuan.

the xibaipo memorial staff said, do not seal LingXiuXiang is of great significance on the renminbi, far-reaching influence. It broke on the ticket version printed LingXiuXiang traditional habits, established the yuan ticket version of the design to reflect the production and construction of labor and the working people of all nationalities image design principle, the design issue in succession after the founding of PRC has been fully demonstrate the second and third set of RMB, which is not present LingXiuXiang on MAO zedong RMB.