MAO zedong used copper spoon at the beginning of 60 years was rated as the national level cultural relics (FIG.)


MAO zedong used the water jar correspondent reporter YanYi Zou Feishe

Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to the seam of the new fourth army blankets & other; Best picture & throughout;


Yang before the Sian incident wearing berets

(reporter Huang Yuxi xiao-na liu intern) used copper spoon, deng yingchao letter to the landlord & hellip; & hellip; Both cultural relic, value weigh?

yesterday, hongyan wire, hongyan revolutionary memorial hall and so on three cultural relics museum has passed the expert evaluation and grading of more than 2000 cultural relics, including early as about 200 pieces of national level cultural relics.

MAO zedong used copper spoon appearance

this is cultural relics experts grading, there are a lot of thing is associated with the life of MAO zedong in chongqing negotiations.

, for example, red rock revolution memorial museum collection of MAO zedong used the water jar, copper spoon were evaluated by experts at the beginning of national level cultural relics. Especially that the 7.8 cm long copper water scoop, lasted more than 60 years, is now rusting. It is reported that during chongqing negotiation in 1945, live in the country of MAO zedong is to use the spoon. Hongyan wire is introduced, the two pieces, all donations by Zhang Yichun.

as again, gele mountain revolution memorial museum collection of several bamboo needle is outstanding, the master station in chongqing during the Anti-Japanese War is the eighth route army office li jing. During chongqing negotiation, Li Jingyong this bamboo pins for MAO zedong knitting a sweater. This seemingly ordinary bamboo pins are experts, to apply to the superior departments & other The national level cultural relics throughout the &; .