MAO zedong’s letter Encourage the destiny which serve the people (FIG.)

MAO zedong letter

is a great leader, is also a great father. MAO zedong has a unique style, godchild godson thoughts reflected in the letter he gave the children

a total of 10 children, MAO zedong has sacrificed seven for the revolution. As a father, but his heart is sad, and so he survived in child care more warm, dark, in the education of their children, and other Love & throughout; Is a red line throughout. According to research, MAO zedong wrote children altogether 28 letters, letters are full of love, line words are placed with deep feeling. Involving large the contents of these letters to the children’s ideal, career, marriage, small to their physical condition, daily life, human relations, everywhere embodies the kind of a father and patience. The father of MAO zedong, and not to your elders commanding gesture to command, but always with equal attitude to get along with children, to communicate with them as friends, his words are also relaxed, thering is no lack of humor, let the deep love, like spring rain a little leap into the heart of the children.

: with the brothers and destiny as my sisters, father love deeply

in March 1938, after his wife Yang Kaihui sacrifice, and destiny, MAO MAO anqing, ten years to see the brothers after the client back to the letter and the photos from the Soviet union, too agitated with warm eyes, he immediately reply:

dear anying, shore green:

think of you often, I know your situation is good, there is progress, and received your photos, very glad. Now because of it, to the letter, also hope you write to me, I am looking forward to you write to me, I am looking forward to your letter! My situation is good, have the opportunity to write to you again later.

I wish you healthy, happy and progress!

March 4th MAO zedong

this letter is to see, MAO zedong the first a letter addressed to his children. Deep mother love letters from the page and touching. To see his father’s letter, and destiny and MAO anqing brothers so, this is a letter they received a father for the first time in my life, is what they learned the news of his father for the first time in 10 years. And they know that the father is not only safe, but also has a them deeply. More pleased two brothers, one month after MAO zedong and entrusted to the Soviet union send word to them, for the treatment of eye diseases in order to let the son know his appearance, also we are enclosing a photo.

in Moscow, and destiny learned some everyday language, Russian, English and French are reading in amateur team captains as young pioneers in the league branch secretary and children, children’s school institutes in Lenin just youth corps committee members. Rapid advancement of the destiny is MAO zedong did not expect before. Learned that his son in the political progress, MAO zedong end up with a father to his son wrote a long letter, son of Suggestions were put forward. In this letter, to MAO zedong’s son & other; Talk less political & throughout; It is very rare in MAO zedong’s manuscripts. In 1942, and destiny to write actively, required to participate in the great patriotic war of the Soviet union. At the beginning of 1946, and destiny back to yanan from the Soviet union. Under the arrangement of MAO zedong, he went to shanxi Lin County Hao Gupo land reform.

and Liu Siji: father love, such as mother, as his own

1948 autumn, and destiny, 26, and the eldest daughter of MAO zedong’s old comrade-in-arms wen-qiu zhang liu siqi in xibaipo order after life, to discuss rushed to find father wanted to get married. Unexpectedly, has always been kind father after hearing was frowned, because he is worried about son get married so early will affect the future study and work.

after October 15, 1949 in a year’s time, destiny and at least 18 years old liu siqi held a wedding at zhongnanhai. In front of destiny and liu siqi, MAO zedong is the attitude of the stern father. However, after more than two years of destiny sacrifice news from the front line of the north, MAO zedong made a decision in the grief: in order to reassure her daughter-in-law finish school, he will suffer alone, the news of the destiny to sacrifice in hiding it. Liu siqi every time he comes to home, want to ask dad got anying letter no? Why do anying months not letter? MAO zedong always pretend as if nothing has occurredly appearance after listening, find some reason to prevaricate in the past, until three years later, one day, liu siqi learn from MAO zedong’s mouth, and destiny has been sacrificed. MAO zedong thought into grief qi said: & other; In the future, you are my older daughter & throughout; . Since then, MAO zedong began to checked her food, clothing, shelter, line, detailed like a mother.

in 1955, MAO zedong decided to send liu siqi to Moscow university. Before going abroad, liu siqi has suffered from a cold. She wrote a letter to MAO zedong, hope to meet my father before he left. Immediately after receiving the letter, MAO zedong wrote her a letter, this is the public historical data, MAO zedong wrote the earliest liu siqi a letter.

thought his son:

letter received. Have a bad cold, good rest, restores the physical strength, go abroad. Today is better, hope to see here; Don’t come. The most important is to contend for a sigh of relief, learn to become my country. Wish good

father words, 6 August 1955

in the autumn of 1961, a liu siqi was assigned to the people’s liberation army corps of engineers research departments engaged in translation work. At once, the destiny has been at the expense of 11 years, liu siqi, 30, because miss anying, still alone. To this, very anxious, MAO zedong repeatedly urged him to set up a new family. On June 13, 1961, MAO zedong wrote a letter to liu siqi sifting:


hello! Have forgotten the reason? The interval is long, was born, isn’t it? Brain pain should pay attention to, is to learn too much. There are always going to get married, why don’t you listen to the old advised? Make up my mind to get married, is the time. Five heart, lose. High inadequate low not, are you the common fault of this kind of girls. Isn’t it? To the letter. Hope to write back to me! Say hello!

June 13


1 & other; Daughter & throughout; The call of the, why not moving? In February 1962, auspices by MAO zedong, liu siqi and air force cadres Yang Maozhi held a wedding. MAO zedong to new writing poetry “bligh operator & middot; xu mei” calligraphy to liu siqi as a gift, also send 300 yuan to do dowry liu siqi.

and MAO anqing: affectionately, the father loves the rippling

MAO anqing MAO zedong separation with his father at the age of 4, and lost his mother when he was 7 years old, from Shanghai to the Soviet union, then follow brother and destiny was to contact with his father at the age of 14. And the health of the elder brother is different, because of the persecution in Shanghai had been the kuomintang spy, MAO anqing head injury, fell in, the body has been bad. So, when destiny return home to reunite with his father, he had to stay in the Soviet union to continue treatment. In January 1946, and destiny to return from the Soviet union. After back to MAO zedong, and destiny told MAO zedong, brother shore green has attended the east of Moscow university. MAO zedong after listen to very happy, immediately wrote a letter to MAO anqing in exotic:

coast, my dear son:

anying to return home, received your letter, know you, very glad. See your brother, like to see you. In the future, I hope you continue to study there, graduation, better serve the people. Your sister (li na) greets you, she has five and a half years old now. Her paper-cut, send you two. I wish you a happy progress, grow up!

on January 7, 1946 MAO zedong

until the eve of the founding of new China, farewell to more than 20 years of father and son to meet again. After the founding of new China, MAO anqing has been engaged in translation work. Due to busy with work, he is always looking for a girlfriend. MAO zedong son was so caring for life, once he asked shore green, & other; Your sister-in-law’s sister? Throughout the &; Liu siqi’s sister called ShaoHua (shao), and MAO brothers have known each other since childhood. At that time, she was studying at the university of Beijing. Have been like shao hua MAO anqing, because his sickness, can never be confide in. In order to Pierce this enough, MAO zedong encourage son write to shao. In 1960, and found that shore green has been in communication and shao, MAO zedong sent liu siqi shao together with sister go to see the shore, and specially before to write a letter to encourage son:

coast green, my son:

I heard that you become a lot better, I am very happy. I heard you with less huatong many letter, isn’t it? Do you have a friend mean? ShaoHua is a good boy, you can have a good talk with her. Have a letter, hand in his, ShaoHua back. I wish happy.


support encouragement by MAO zedong, MAO anqing and shao finally married. MAO zedong sent sent a watch and a panda radio as a present.

MAO zedong was a very grateful person, he also often remind children, must be grateful to those who are to help yourself. In 1960, MAO zedong wrote a letter to MAO anqing, the letter special orders: & other; To help your fellow comrades, dalian municipal party committee and health care organizations must thanks, they care for you is very, very try my best. You give them to take a look at the letter, I express my heartfelt gratitude to them. Throughout the &; No matter how high in status and whether he had too much big sacrifices for the revolution, MAO zedong always taught son to understanding other people’s help, remember the somebody else give care, want to have a heart of gratitude.

and children: groomed with compassion, love deeply

and all the many father, MAO zedong also often talk to their children to be the truth. In a letter to the children in the letter, he always does not forget one, to teach them to set up the lofty ambition. At the same time, he was very strict to the requirement of the children, remind them not privileged ideas, even if it’s just found the problem, will also hit the nail on the head to point it out.

on January 31, 1941, MAO zedong wrote to the destiny and MAO anqing, the letter said: & other; During your stay in the compliment, like this have benefits, is to encourage you make progress; But there is one bad, it is easy to grow complacent qi, get carried away, I do not know the danger of down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts. Throughout the &; MAO zedong knows two sons as identity special, easy to be champions, so they are specifically warned not to because he was flattering’s self-righteous, must be modest and prudent, feet on the ground.

on August 4, 1957 in reply liu siqi letter when it comes to the transfer problem, he wrote, & other; No matter what, all want to own, do not use the name of the parents to apply for, hope for your attention. Throughout the &; He repeatedly stressed in the letter, pay more attention to status and influence their children cannot have the privilege of young children, cannot get more specialization, don’t think they have a & other; Good father & throughout; By his influence to their own interests.

MAO zedong’s written for children letter contains a wealth of godson thought, is a rich spiritual wealth. Read these words full of deep feeling and philosophy, let us again and again touch a ordinary but great mind, experience a great and noble love. (from the history of the party vertical and horizontal)