“Marriage law” after data processing and ancient divorces his wife of seven women end badly

the reproduction of painting. Dongfeng evil, HuanQing thin, a melancholy, a few years LiSuo. Wrong, wrong, wrong



recently, the “marriage law” the latest judicial interpretation, let everybody to & other; Divorce & throughout; The meaning of a new understanding.

the latest & other; Explain & throughout; Judicial original intention is good, to maintain family stability is the basic. & other; Make peace not advised from & throughout; , & other Rather hurt ten temple, don’t destroy a marriage & throughout; . New explanation to the marriage speculators for the warning. For example, & other Rich marriage & throughout; The likelihood of small. Because, in-laws to his son to buy property, after the divorce is not the daughter-in-law.

so, in ancient China, after the divorce his wife get her new house?

jin dynasty ago, China is no & other; Divorce & throughout; The word, called & other; Divorced & throughout; . To the jin dynasty, & other; Divorce & throughout; Not formally appear in judicial regulations. Famous calligrapher Wang Xianzhi was married to a celebrity Xi XiDaoMao haze daughter, Wang Xianzhi later himself with XiDaoMao & other; Divorce & throughout; And the other to marry.

the ancient divorce proceedings nor now is so complicated that her husband’s words. Husband, I’m not happy, can put away his wife; Son daughter-in-law mother-in-law see not pleasing to the eye, can call out a wife. Disciple zengzi, just because the wife steamed pears are not ripe, will she & other; Throughout the &; .

all.it when young to marriage is not so serious, just a moment angry, will be very good original dings to Hugh, this just had xelloss mother BianShi & other; Positive & throughout; The opportunity.

but ancient divorce has corresponding provisions, but the wife unfilial, can’t have children, and adultery, misdemeanor, a disease, like talking, steal the seven, her husband only can consider to divorce, the rulers can be found from, the so-called & other; Seven throughout the &; .

the most typical when the southern song dynasty famous poet lu you and cousin recognized the divorce. Liu Tang this cousin couple carrots, boon conjugal love, but mother don’t like the daughter-in-law, lu was forced to lu you divorce, the reason is that & other; Unfilial & throughout; .

later, recognized the other marry zhao. A Zhao Tang couple met lu you in yu mark outside the temple, the shen garden, recognized the surprise, call her for my cousin, and my cousin to eat a meal, please. After dinner, lu you looked at double Zhao Tang couples leave of figure, mind! Hence by removal, wrote on the wall of shen garden has emotion, make human beings disparagement of the reproduction of men and women.

by & other; Throughout the &; After the end of the woman often very sad. Recognized or lucky, and divorce after find a good husband, a heavy feeling heavy righteousness royal zhao.