“Master” cheat businessman arrested 76000 yuan fake hetian jade has sentenced to two years

the value of more than 20 fine hetian jade, had sold 76000. It is still a businessman tan a heartbeat. Combined with the so-called & other; Master & throughout; Identification, tan one enters the elaborate hoax. Yesterday, the reporter learns from jiulongpo district court, due to constitute a crime of fraud, the suspect ryu, Wang Mou sentenced respectively.

last year on May 3rd, tan one know ryu in town in chengdu plain. Ryu claimed to be a jewelry company general manager, there is a lot of people entrust sales of jewellery. And will be a & other; Made of fine hetian jade jade guanyin & throughout; And & other; Appraisal certificate & throughout; Recommended for a tan.

tan a fear deceived. Ryu proposal, to find a treasure evaluation experts in chengdu. Wu hou district in chengdu China peninsula dragon bay area within a building, ryu with tan a master know the so-called treasure & other Master wang & throughout; .

& other; This kind of hetian jade is one of the few in XinJiangDou, worth at least 200000 yuan. Throughout the &; Listened to the master’s appraisal, tan one with 76000 yuan to buy the jade goddess of mercy. After back to chongqing, he found a number of jade authorized institutions, was told that is fake, then to the jiulongpo district police, last November, cheats ryu and & other; Master wang & throughout; Be caught.

yesterday, the court of first instance ryu was sentenced to prison for four years, Wang Mou prison for two years.