Master is version: zhang binglin love stinky tofu qian zhongshu move for food

the love to eat is human nature. Those special love to eat, now known as & other; Version & throughout; . Unexpected is that the modern academic masters will someone has become a a version, but also to eat out and eat out of the fun, leaving many anecdotes.

Chinese master zhang binglin, favorite is LuZhiPin with odor. He has a particular interest in smelly preserved beancurd, smelly to their room. There was a painter, Qian Huafo, is a frequent visitor to chapter house. Once, bring a bag of money like rotten eggs. See it in chapter brings. He knew that the purpose of money, ask: & other; What do you want to write, just speak. Throughout the &; At that time, money, took out several zhang DouFang white paper, each to write & other; The family of five republican & throughout; Four words. Later, the money has to bring some strange smelly things: peanuts, amaranth stalks, smells wax gourd, such as total get chapter inscription before and after more than one hundred copies. Money will be mounted, hang in their store, sold at 10 yuan per article, made a a little.

Huang Kan prose masters, to eat. For as long as there is something that didn’t taste, Huang Kanbi one thousand ways to get, to choice, and to eat these delicacies at an exhibition. Huang Kan are union members, one day, I heard some acquaintance to the union member party somewhere, there are plenty of delicious dinner, but did not please him. He knows because he once had some of them, at work can be lazier, but belly, he uninvited. Just take the door, those who see is him, got a fright, then very enthusiastic, invited him to sit down. Huang know that word, take off their shoes and sat down, choose good to eat. After finished eating, he shoes, while back to them, said: & other; So you are a group of a bastard! Throughout the &; Say that finish, he quickly ran away.

historical master fu sinian, said & other; Fat fu & throughout; That is a standard version. Due to the risk of high blood pressure, the wife rarely let him eat meat. One day, the secretary the LianJun is administration office to have a meal, fu sinian just to look for him. See the LianJun lunch box, with oily lurou and yellow composition of bread, have do not know the meat flavor fu sinian chan is broken in March, her face, suddenly a dashed up, catch up into his mouth, meet to talk over dinner, & other; Bread and meat is very good sandwiches. Throughout the &; Secretary was his funny hand full of greasy, mouth chewing flesh ChanXiang laugh, but laugh and think some sad.

literature master liang shiqiu, is also a big version, there is quite a study even to eat. He likes to eat soup, in the book beautiful house to talk to eat wrote: put seven or eight steamed stuffed bun, covers a food steamers covers even food steamers on the table, steaming, the steamed stuffed bun pad under the cloth of a bamboo steamer, the steamed stuffed bun pianpian collapse on the steamer cloth. Feeding must be nimble, seize the steamed stuffed bun wrinkle in central place suddenly filed, the steamed stuffed bun skin drop sharply, like baby sucking the breast flat, while the steamed stuffed bun not burst into their own dish quickly, gently bite on the steamed stuffed bun skin, put the soup juice drink down, and then eat the steamed stuffed bun empty leather. The image of the image of a map.

literature master qian zhongshu, to eat some insights: & other; The world delicious food or worthy of praise. Make confusion upside down to the person, the world is full of friction, only two things most harmonious finally is artificial, music and cooking. Throughout the &; Qian zhongshu, and Yang jiang when studying in the UK, can’t stand the landlord poor food and moved. After moving the first morning, qian zhongshu made personally milk tea and toast to the front of the bed, Yang jiang jump and excited. Looks like the power of food at some point it’s overwhelming. Qian zhongshu, Yang jiang said, is a person who knows to eat, he likes to take my family to taste a variety of restaurants, order in person, and never fail, this also is a great skill.

it seems that the grand masters to eat are all alike, as long as you like, you can call it food. Become a version, in their view, not only is a personal hobby, more can see them underneath the open-minded and optimistic.