“Master” kingdom of wang Lin’s money Usury is secret (map)

on July 17, wang Lin told the Beijing news reporter in the home.

show on July 19, the merchant Zou Yong wang Lin for his acrobatics art. Zou Yong, according to wang Lin to enlightening the name cheat him money.

on July 19, businessman Zou Yong show wang Lin for his acrobatics art. As enlightening) Zou Yong, said wang Lin cheat him money.

pingxiang in jiangxi province, on July 17, wang Lin LuXi county home door, have & other; Wangfu & throughout; The word. A14 - A15 version photography/Beijing news reporter A cold

on July 17, wang Lin in jiangxi province pingxiang LuXi county home door, have & other; Wangfu & throughout; The word. A14 – A15 version photography/Beijing news reporter A cold

live five floor villa, skills make celebrities such as empty pot becomes the snake; Closely associated with government officials; To merchants usury; Charged with enlightening cheat money

Voices of people

wang Lin

in the late 1980 s and early ’90 s by proponents of fame.

he has always been low-key, broken by a visit on July Mr Ma. Netizens questioned him back into the public eye. In jiangxi pingxiang, he continued his & other; Master & throughout; The myth. He made the snake skills and heads of state of cure legend, and good at thinking of people psychological, keeping his mysterious and attractive.

through continuous introduction, he has become an object of stars and some officials visit. The visit as he built a circle of their own.

in circles, the 61 – year – old he use all kinds of means, integrate resources, found their own survival and profit space. This space to become his & other; Kingdom of money & throughout; .

three vehicles, a parked problem & other Wangfu & throughout; Two words in the yard.

license plate number is four or five of the same number.

& other; Master & throughout; Wang Lin like hummer. And he said, & other; Pick up a friend safety & throughout; . One & other; Is a U.S. Iraq with a hummer, 15 grenade throwing all right & throughout; .

in July, he hummer to jack ma, zhao wei and li. Three people in his family photos on the Internet, led to a net friend on this & other; Qigong masters & throughout; Question, SiMaNa challenge to debunk his deception.

wang Lin security was broken. He used to live in jiangxi pingxiang LuXi county painted gold, after the door to fit. He is a mystery, need someone to introduce to visit & other; Master & throughout; .

after qigong boom in the 1990 s, the master is pulled down in succession shrines. When wang Lin has its own survival strategy has become famous. This more than a decade, he rarely media interview. In relatively closed space, runs a fame, wealth and power.