Master nan is what character: “Chinese master” or “charlatan”?

the master nan biographies

master nan, born in 1918 in wenzhou yueqing city, zhejiang province, have been receiving has strict education. Youth, through reading their exponents, boxing, kendo, etc all kinds of kung fu, at the same time, the study of literature and calligraphy, poetry QuFu, the astronomical calendar.

the Anti-Japanese War period, first join, coaching Yu Junjiao, then quit, traverse the famous mountains and great rivers, after the monks sunkist, after acquainting retreat study Buddhism, a number of famous monks, living Buddha taught.

to Taiwan in 1949, successively employed cultural university, at the helm, fu jen Catholic university teachers, and was invited to many universities, government agencies, social organizations to give lectures. Writings, has produced profound influence on Chinese culture and society.

by Shanghai people’s publishing house have recently published “master nan speech record”, “the master nan with Peter & middot; SAN ji”, “zhuang zi 諵 wow” is coming out again, master nan once again become the hot topic of concern from all walks of life.

in fact, as early as more than 50 years ago, had fame master nan. In 1976, according to the material master nan speech BieCai “the analects of Confucius” published in Taiwan, is a cult, has been reprinted by 1988 up to 18 times; BieCai in 1990, fudan university press will be “the analects of Confucius” master nan works such as the introduction of the mainland, also lifted & other; Master nan hot & throughout; . Today, & other; Master nan & throughout; The name has arguably & other Was famous throughout the &; Inventing is regarded as & other; Chinese master & throughout; , & other Grand master & throughout; , & other Throughout the householder &; ; But the controversy around him and his works has never stopped, destroyed to denounce it is just a & other; Charlatans & throughout; , & other Tamper with the three religions confuse throughout ancient and modern &; . (speak)

master nan exactly is a what kind of person? Why has such one on the opposite evaluation?

this topic titled

this newspaper reporter in Shanghai speak

& other; In the modern age, people don’t read master nan, don’t know what is the Chinese culture & throughout;

from Shanghai downtown, along the kanazawa arrived in hu qing ping road, and then to adjacent to taihu lake temple in Hong Kong, again through the lively and quiet reeds, taihu lake crab market suddenly suddenly, as if into shangri-la, wuling people on both sides of a face in taihu lake, covers an area of more than 200 acres of building is just around the corner.

the building, of taihu lake, is the master nan was started in 2000 to build & other The imperial university of taihu lake & throughout; , after seven years of civil building solemn, in the nowadays, becoming a scale. Every year there are many entrepreneurs and scholars as well as other people from all walks of life, to lay down their official duties, spent a long time, come here to follow master nan study life philosophy.

master nan said: & other; In today’s world, on the surface, can be said to be the most happy time in the history of; But from the spiritual level, also can saying is the most painful time in history. Poor in the developed material civilization and the spiritual life of sharp contrast, the mankind is facing a new crisis. Throughout the &; He says he founded the imperial university of taihu lake, is hope fate indoctrination, use of cognitive science, life science and combined with the research and spread of traditional culture, restore mental crisis faced by people in this age.

it is said that this is why there are so many social elite willing to follow master nan. Now, his disciple all over the world, many of his works were translated into English, French, Spanish, Portugal, Italy, South Korea, Romania and so on the many kinds of languages, and even some, & other; In the modern age, people don’t read master nan, don’t know what is the Chinese culture & throughout; . Master nan’s charm.