Masters hobby: hu shi liang qichao love mahjong when “old”

Keung law/

shi said in the three pine hall admission Pan Guangdan biggest hobby is curious, and tells the story of one thing: mice Pan Guangdan never eat meat, one day a whim, to family, soso, dig three feet, catch a few mice, cooking, in order to satisfy curiosity.

in chongqing, Pan Guangdan brother is a banker, I heard my brother rat meat, in the heart very sad, hurriedly send a little money, and told him to buy pork to eat. And a letter words and life in the future tense, can call, absolutely not again so, make the whole of China all scold you don’t take care of his brother.

zhang binglin’s eating smelly, smelly as delicious. Once, the painter Qian Huafo bring a pack of violet black smelly preserved egg, chapter laughed, unexpectedly speak: & other; What do you want to write, just speak. Throughout the &;

every two days, Qian Huafo and bring a pot of very smelly amaranth stalks, the seventh chapter is, said: & other; A paper just to write. Throughout the &; Money to him to write & other; The family of five republican & throughout; Four words, he was complicit in wrote more than forty. After peanuts, money has brought smells wax gourd, such as let chapter wrote more than one hundred copies, no matter what, chapter all bidding.

description on the most chic hobby is healing odd, he not only for prescription, relatives or friends wrote to Mr Revolutionaries minister and a prescription. But because of his lack of clinical experience, and so the right things, but not cure the disease, but he always proud as a peacock.

a friend to go to his house, such as, occasionally speak of suffering from a toothache or stomach trouble and so on, he went at once to treasure, good prescription, and forced the family medicine according to the party. And he used to, is prone to the 128 money, who also dare not eat his medicine.

Huang Kan of human behavior, its many GengJie carefree. And he is the most lovely place, but lies in his preference for food and wine. Once, Huang Kan in the wine shop please people eat, after the guest takes a seat, I suddenly heard somebody talking out loud in the next room. Huang Kan probe a look, and found to be his student, the bottom of my heart is very uncomfortable.

Huang Kan teacher way dignity is famous. Eagle-eyed disciple also found their own teacher, also know their own impulsive noise annoys teacher, quickly ran over to say hello. Huang Kan is, of course, with a straight face, rebuke to him, and the meaning of the topic seems to be not.

at the sight of this condition, the disciple quickly called runners to speak in front of Mr: & other; I didn’t told my husband to treat here? Why don’t you ten years carved on wine? Treat the money in my account today. Throughout the &; Hearing this, the Huang Kan reprimanded voices to an abrupt end immediately.

ku hung-ming like wife, gu feet, often let her take off your shoes, lower the head, such as the smell of flowers; And writing need inspiration, he shu gu will be called into the study, let her put the jade is sufficient to prepared stool, pinch device, when the time, at that time the inspired, artist.

the koo had said to the man relishes, & other; Former generation of foot-binding, not a tyranny, and because my wife’s feet, is my stimulant. Throughout the &; Across the koo to a & other; Happiness consists in contentment & throughout; Banners, koo said: & other; Kang youwei knew in my heart. Throughout the &;

jin yuelin likes chicken. In yunnan, he keeps a large chicken, the fighting cocks can put its neck, and illuminating in a dinner on the table, his stride, amazing.

jin yuelin also dig big pears, pomegranates, fighting cocks to children and others game, than to lose, and give the pear or pomegranate to the child, he went to buy again. He put a lot of cricket corner also, surprisingly, these expensive cricket is the food of his love chicken.

Lin yutang love to smoke, to tell the benefits of the smoke, in the modern history of literature is, I’m afraid. He praises of smoke, since the 1930 s and early ’40 s editor starts when the analects of Confucius, especially for the qing dynasty university he admired, “ku” compilation of ji’s morning mist that always heavy smoke tube, don’t forget to mention.

in the pipe of ji’s morning mist, smoke, eat two hours of time, 122 May have had a tremendous temptation on Lin yutang. & other; A smoke after a meal, better than living immortal & throughout; , it is from his & other; Patent & throughout; .

in “the analects” club, he and his colleagues have booked not convention to persuade people to stop smoking, but in fact he does not advise people to give up smoking, but also encourage others to smoke. On quitting smoking, he is always in the opposite direction.

advocates the interest of socialism outlook on life, have a famous saying: & other; Only reading can forget about playing mahjong, only playing mahjong can forget about reading a book. Throughout the &; Mahjong on liang qichao’s allure, it is conceivable.

mei yiqi also prefer the game, by the tsinghua university publishing house “mei yiqi corpus” records, in 1956-1957, mahjong played 85 times, about once a week there will be one more time. This 85 times, mei 25 times, winning 46 times, flat 14 times, lost 1650 yuan. When a bowl of plain noodle but only 1 yuan.

hu shi’s hobby is very interesting, in addition to also like to play mahjong, also love the month old, set the very many that celebrity marriages, he has an & other; Yuanyang spectrum & throughout; , signed face to face with yuanren chao and his wife, xu and his wife, shen congwen, and thousands of couples & hellip; & hellip;

the master on the academic attainments, deep down, life’s hobby, but a smile. Master is also a person, each have a true temperament, it was these hobbies, let they respected at the same time, much a cute.