Master’s thesis research network “ha ha” Netizen “white to pay tuition”

in the past two days, an article entitled “the network session & other ha ha & throughout; research on the function of the master’s degree thesis, suddenly the popular on the Internet. An online is & other; With rotten & throughout; Vocabulary, became a master of paper the research object, make a lot of netizens call & other Magic & throughout; . At first, some netizens questioned the authenticity of this cover photo. But on the basis of the academic periodicals network retrieval results, the authenticity of SMW reporter soon confirmed the thesis.

paper for east China normal university Chinese department, a 2012 graduate of Wang Kui wrote, the purpose is to network session popular word & other; Ha ha & throughout; Session of the network structure of function, and in the context of specific session of interactive sociolinguistics studies pragmatic meaning.

& other; Previous research network catchword article more concentrated Chinese content words and phrase structure, for & lsquo; Ha ha & rsquo; , & lsquo; Ha ha & rsquo; , & lsquo; Woo hoo & rsquo; Classes use frequency very high function lack of attention. Throughout the &; The author analysis in the thesis, in fact, (ha ha) this kind of words in the network instant session has a unique meaning and function, also can realize the corresponding speech ACTS. & other; Research on Chinese spoken discourse and natural language under the network condition variation studies have great reference significance to the advance of & throughout; .

& other; Can put & lsquo; Ha ha & rsquo; Two word write a master’s thesis must be strong. Throughout the &; As the paper cover on the Internet, related topics and netizens. Some netizens believe that studying such an ordinary can no longer ordinary words, & other; Is white three years graduate student tuition & throughout; .